Laughing Apartment Near Girinagar 2018

The residents of an upscale apartment face the most horrible days of their lives when the water supply in the building is blocked on a hartal day. In addition to the external trouble, the residents are plagued by the turmoils in their personal lives ranging from infidelity, dysentery divorce and death.

Ondalla Eradalla 2018

The story revolves around a seven year old boy named Sameera who looses his pet Banu. He goes alone in search of his pet to a town called 'Pete', along the way he meets many people from different sections of society. Innocence is the main theme of the movie, whether his innocence can reign over the selfishness of the people he meets on the way to recover his lost pet forms the main crux of the movie.

A Season in France 2018

An African high school teacher flees his war-torn country for France, where he falls in love with a Frenchwoman who offers a roof for him and his family.

Right Here Right Now 2018

Hamburg, St. Pauli, New Year's Eve. Oskar Wrobel runs a music club in an old hospital at the edge of the Reeperbahn. While fireworks go off in the streets of St. Pauli, he prepares the big final party - the club has to close. Thankfully there is no time to think about it because the chaos is breaking into his living room, all while hell break loose at the club. The film, based on the novel by Tino Hanekamp, was filmed with hundreds of extras attending a real-life three-night-long party.

May 1st 2018

Family in a rather huge farm house on the outskirts of the city and a series of supernatural happenings.

Dream Man: Lời Kết Bạn Chết Chóc 2018

"Social networking and the downside of social networking" - this phrase has become so popular in the mass media, so many people are not interested in each other ... But with the Dream Man - a series of dramatic and mystical psychological dramas that will bring a new twist to not just talk about the dark side of the virtual world, but also the story of to the left of the heart.

The Guardian Angel 2018

In July 1944, with the Allies landed at Normandy but unable to push past German forces, a young German soldier is enlisted for a spy mission by a mysterious American OSS officer named Harry which could turn the tide of the war.

Jefe 2018

Cesar is 'the boss', the one everyone hates, the one some flatter and the one nobody tells the truth; the great successful businessman is on the edge of the precipice. One night his actions crumble down, his partners betray him and his wife kicks him out of the house. Entrenched in his office, he tries relentlessly to recover his company and his life. But he will not do it alone, César will find a very special ally, Ariana, the cleaner of the night shift.

Taxi Tales 2018

A surprising journey through Middlesbrough, in and out of the cabs of three very different drivers - a young British-Pakistani entrepreneur who believes that immigrants have always been enterprising by nature, a local man who used to work in construction on towering glass buildings down south and an older seasoned driver who is in love with his job... until the day he falls out of it. Their stories uncover what lies beneath the surface of a post-industrial northern town and unfold into a state-of-the-nation tale.

My Grandpa Is Hiding 2018

A grandfather explains to his grandson that he'll have to take care of his flower garden after he dies. There follows a touching and poetic discussion about losing loved ones and on the marks they leave behind.

The Suit 2018

The events revolve around Akram (Tamer Hosni), who receives an invitation to attend a masquerade party. He decides to wear police uniforms, which causes him to suffer a crisis as a police officer, while looking for a particular file.

The Graveyard 2018

Three gravediggers in the Chilean capital of Santiago carry a dark secret which will not stay buried.

Cinta sama dengan Cindolo na Tape 2018

Timi falls in love with We Cinde, a new student in his class. Their closeness makes Ian, Timi's friend since junior high, growl because Timi becomes rarely gathering with his best friend. Ian choose to hang out with two crooks at school.

Periodo de prueba 2018

Meet Manuel, he is a bum, a son of mom, a sloth and a bachelor, but also a good person. Accompany him in the search for the job of his dreams, for which he will compete in the Trial Period. An impressive cast that includes Yaneth Waldman, Jimmy Vasquez, Marianne Schaller, Ricardo Velez, Lorna Cepeda and Tiberio Cruz, will make you die laughing with their strange anecdotes and strange moments with which all Colombians will identify themselves.

Caiga quien caiga 2018

Film about the fall and capture of the former head of the peruvian intelligent service Vladimiro Montesinos.

Sesat 2018

After Amara's father died, Amara went to a wishing well and wish that she can talk to her father one last time. But everything went wrong.

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