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Cabin Fever

You can't run from what's inside.
Cabin Fever
In this grisly remake of the 2002 horror hit, five college chums rent an isolated woodland cabin for a party. But their fun quickly ends when the group is exposed to a hideous flesh-eating virus, and survival becomes the name of the game.


John Chard
Ouch! Ouch! My my, the most horrifying thing about this Cabin Fever remake is the vitriolic scorn poured on it by the horror hordes! It is in no way a great film, or even a particularly good one either, but to me it's no worse than a whole ream of other gore based horrors I have been bored by since the new millennium dawned. In my defence, I wasn't over enamoured with the original in the first place, so it was no big stretch for me to give this one a shot. It also obviously helped me that I haven't seen that original since the year it was released, so hazy memory and all that. What I got here was a pic full of blood and grue, sex and stereotypes, and poor acting. That is often the norm in the gore slasher genre of things... On the plus side is the superb cinematography by Gavin Kelly and a truly head rattling musical score by Kevin Riepl, the latter of which even does a cheeky steal from Symphonie Fantastique (Hector Berlioz). And there's the gorgeous and sexy Louise Linton playing a fantasy driven Deputy! Hoo-Hah! But I digress. I'd never watch it again, I wouldn't dream of recommending it to serious horror buffs, and although there's a very good emotional pull late in the day, it's pretty much an empty shell. But I did have fun while it was on. Sue me. 5/10
Take the already not-the-great original movie, subtract 99% of the humour, gender-swap a single character and otherwise reel out a shot for shot remake. If that sounds worthwhile to you, I guess you could 2016's Cabin Fever a shot, but personally I'm still trying to figure out how (and more importantly why) this got made... Great soundtrack though. Final rating:★½: - Boring/disappointing. Avoid if possible.

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