Twister 1996

TV weatherman Bill Harding is trying to get his tornado-hunter wife, Jo, to sign divorce papers so he can marry his girlfriend Melissa. But Mother Nature, in the form of a series of intense storms sweeping across Oklahoma, has other plans. Soon the three have joined the team of stormchasers as they attempt to insert a revolutionary measuring device into the very heart of several extremely violent tornados.

Atomic Twister 2002

When tornadoes hit a nuclear power plant, critically damaging the plant's cooling system, the results could be catastrophic. Atomic Twister, a countdown to disaster, traces an extraordinary day in the lives of small town citizens who unexpectedly find themselves facing the possibility of mass destruction.

F6 Twister 2012

In a small Texas town during the holiday season, Ethan Walker, a meteorologist and part-time professor working at the local university studying tornadoes, is woken in the middle of the night for a call about a tornado that has just hit. His team is assembling at the lab and he needs to report. His wife Addison, a TV news reporter, is also summoned to work to do a piece on the tornado for the morning news. Ethan realizes the conditions are ripe for more tornadoes. Although he and his wife have been having marriage problems, he calls her and begs her to put the warning out, but the station's slick meteorologist thinks it was an isolated incident. Addison tries to get him to change his mind, but he won't -- because it's Christmas time and he does not want to be a Scrooge with some hypothetical news. When a tornado levels the Walker's house on Christmas Eve, Ethan and his wife must come together to help save others and rescue their missing children.

Twister 1989

An oddball family on a Kansas farm are trapped in their farmhouse by an impending storm. The patriarch of the clan is a retired soda pop tycoon. He is currently dating a children's TV evangelist. Also living at the farm is his layabout daughter and her precocious 8 year old daughter, his would-be artist son, the son's fiancée, and the black maid. Also thrown into the mix is the daughter's ex-husband, a ne-er-do-well who is seeking to get back in his ex-wife's good graces.

Fire Twister 2015

When a mysterious orb of light strikes a deep water oil rig, the massive explosion erupts into a ball of flames creating a swirling mass of clouds and fire. As the twister begins to move ...

L.A. Twister

The satirical journey of two guys in Los Angeles making their film as they go through the twisted world that is: Hollywood.

The Twister

Eddie Bravo is one of the true revolutionaries of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Having developed many unique techniques, Eddie personally takes you through his exciting grappling career from a blue belt all the way to his win over Royler Gracie at Abu Dhabi 2003. See Eddie pull off 8 twisters, 2 rear naked chokes, 2 calf cranks, 1 arm bar, 1 triangle, 2 decisions, and 1 loss. Most won’t put their losses on their own DVD but this is Eddie’s favorite. Plenty of extras are on this disc including a tour through his “crib”, and 5 hidden easter eggs (2 instructionals, 2 insane comedy sketches) and 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu highlights.

Naked Twister

Two couples are enjoying a night of games when a it turns into something more sinister. They decide on a game of Truth or Dare and discover dark truths, perform dark dares, and reveal much more about themselves than any of them ever knew.

Storm Chasers: Revenge of the Twister 1998

Jamie Marshall (Kelly McGillis) is a "storm chaser" who, having lost her husband in a crash after his plane was struck by lightning, recklessly throws herself into her work. Sent by her boss to Colorado to investigate the cause of a devastating tornado, she meets Will Stanton (Wolf Larson), Field Coordinator for FEMA. One night, while working closely together examining the wreckage of the recent storm, Jamie and Will experience a once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon - a ball of lightning falling from the sky connecting with the ground all around them. As Will tries to shield Jamie from the lightning, the two embrace and find themselves in a passionate kiss. The next day Jamie and Will return to the location. What they discover is a facility where waste from scientific experimentation is affecting the atmosphere causing the tornadoes. Armed with the new information and seven new tornadoes on the horizon, Jamie and Will prepare the already tornado ravaged town for another possible disaster!

Twister's Revenge! 1987

Three bumbling criminals have been trying to get their hands on the computerized control system of Mr. Twister, a talking monster truck with a mind of its own. Our three hilarious hoodlums have tried one scheme after another, only to be foiled and embarrassed by Mr. Twister. Our trio decides to take one last shot at the truck, this time with a M60 Army tank!

Twister: Fury on the Plains 1996

With the roar of a thousand freight rains, tornadoes inflict the awesome fury of nature few people ever dare to experience. Driven by their life threatening obsession, storm chasers repeatedly test their courage in a brave attempt to record these natural wonders on videotape. Now for the first time, you can witness some of the most destructive, mesmerizing twisters of recorded history in this real life video. Every inch of footage in this video is real... not just a Hollywood simulation. Real storm chasers captured giant Twisters throwing real cars in the air like toys, crushing real houses in seconds, and wiping out whole communities like blades of grass. Plus, from the safety of your living room, you'll witness an extraordinary event as a stranded news crew clings to the underside of a highway overpass and a killer tornado rips directly over their heads with their camera running!

Ice Twisters 2009

Charlie Price, a former scientist turned science fiction author, starts living one of his novels when the Federal Science Foundation's weather experiments escape control and turn disastrous.

Arctic Blast 2010

When a solar eclipse sends a colossal blast of super chilled air towards the earth, it then sets off a catastrophic chain of events that threatens to engulf the world in ice and begin a new Ice Age.

Mister Twister: Class of Fun 2012

Based on the highly popular series of children books comes the cheerful film-comedy Teach! chronicling the funny misadventures of a young intern teacher at an elementary school.

Mister Twister Goes Camping 2013

Class 6b is going camping, led by Mees Kees and Principal Dreus. But after Dreus strains her back all responsibility suddenly rests on the shoulders of Kees. When things go wrong, he begins to doubt himself. But he soon learns that it is not about making mistakes, but about how to solve them.

Mister Twister on Stage 2014

The big end-of-term play is approaching. Tobias is somewhat anxious, but with Mees Kees at the helm, everything should be just fine. The class looks forward to rehearsing in the afternoons and to making beautiful scenery - until they find out that Principal Dreus has chosen a terribly boring medieval play. Moreover, it is to be staged in a dusty room within a nearby retirement home. But Mees Kees wouldn't be Mees Kees if he didn't put his own twist on things...

Word Twisters' Adventures 2007

Plagued by a mysterious family curse, Chan Mung-Kat, who comes from a legal family, is forced by his mother to fool around and devotes all his time to running a brothel despite his great talent. As a result of a careless mistake, he is embroiled in a legal dispute, through which he gets to know the eloquent Lap Lan Ching-Ching, though Lap Lan Ching-Ching was the only reasonfor the legal dispute and he knew her before, and the government opponent Fong Tong-Kan. Kat has developed a strong hatred towards Ching and Kan since being innocently accused.

Fate Twisters 2004

This series is one of the sleeper-hits of 2003. Made with a low budget, it managed to garner good viewership ratings in Hong Kong despite being overshadowed by other high profile productions. Story-wise, “Fate Twisters” is unremarkable, playing on familiar scenarios such as a rich man finding his long-lost son, corporate ladder struggles, and the lives of the lower middle-class. But what made it such a success were the spot-on casting, accomplished characterization, and outstanding performances all round.

Take on the Twisters

Take on the Twisters was a British game show that broadcast on ITV and hosted by Julia Bradbury in which four contestants must use a combination of knowledge and skill. The show began airing on 22 July 2013 for a 30 episode run as a summer replacement for The Chase and finished on 30 August 2013.

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