Réquiem por un campesino español 1985

Hypocrisy and betrayal are the two dramatic pivots in this effective, emotionally gripping tragedy about the life and death of Paco (Antonio Banderas), a Spanish peasant who had been fighting against the feudal landowning system that kept farmers impoverished. Paco's life is told in flashbacks by a priest (Antonio Ferrandis) who is seen officiating at an anniversary mass attended by three wealthy landowners and no one else. The priest recalls Paco's baptism, his communion, his marriage ceremony and then his work for the peasants as he advocated and led them in a land-reform movement. The rest of the story will rest heavy on the priest's conscience, as he looks out at his empty church.

Little Spanish Soldier 1988

A young man, son and grandson of soldiers, refuses to perform military service, causing a commotion in the whole family. Finally, social, environmental and family pressures, will force the young to make a decision that will have unforeseeable consequences.

The Spanish Gardener 1956

British diplomat Harrington Brande takes up his new lowly post in Spain accompanied by his son Nicholas. That his wife had left him seems to have affected his career. Nicholas sees it all as something of an adventure and soon becomes friends with the new gardener, Jose. As Nicholas begins to spend more time with Jose, his father takes offense and is concerned at the boy's loss of affection for him. It leads him to bar Nicholas from even speaking to the gardener. And soon tensions mount.

Un casto varón Español 1973

Don Santiago, a forty-year-old owner of a pastry shop in Madrid de los Austrias, receives surprising news: a woman, in fact his real mother, leaves him with a brothel in England.

Now En Español 2015

NOW EN ESPANOL is an entertaining portrait of the five dynamic Latina actresses who dub Desperate Housewives for Spanish language audiences in the US as they fight for a more diverse and visible portrayal of themselves and their community.

Habla Espanol: Beyond the Basics: The Standard Deviants 1997

The talented and lively Standard Deviants crew teaches viewers ways to understand the nature of language instead of guiding them by rote memorization. Learn the intricacies of grammar, numbers, verbs, conjugation, adjectives and more. How? Along with skits, musical performances and other creative programs designed by a team of educators, learners do drills and quizzes at the end of each segment, as well as a comprehensive exam.

Españolear 1969

Luis, the son of the greater of the farm owned by Don Pedro, is accused of stealing a large amount of money. Stolen money has really Joseph son of Don Pedro, forcing Louis to confess to the robbery, threatening to take the farm to his parents, older may not work elsewhere. With this move, Joseph not only is cleared of any suspicion but also with a clear path to reach dew, until then girlfriend of Luis.

Family United 2013

The director Daniel Sánchez Arévalo ('Azuloscurocasinegro', 'Cousins​​'), he embarks on a new comedy that has as a backdrop the World Cup in South Africa and the setting is a wedding that takes precisely the day of the final. This will be the occasion in which five brothers, all with biblical names, Adam, Daniel, Caleb, Benjamin and Ephraim, gather to celebrate the engagement of Ephraim, the youngest of them, who marries his pregnant girlfriend. Will hours of uncertainty, joy and euphoria back, but it's time to unite for a common good. Can all together to face the situation and erected winners heading?

La española inglesa 2015

In 1596, a Spanish girl, Isabel, is kidnapped by the English during the Capture of Cádiz and sent to England, where, already an adult woman, she falls in love with her kidnapper's son.

Adultery to the Spanish 1975

Fernando and Marta are an exemplary marriage. Fernando, a tidy and methodical person, working as an executive in a multinational and is highly regarded by his boss and his partners. One day, arrives at the delegation Susan as secretary Fernando. Despite the indifference to him, in the end, can not help but fall asleep to the charms of the young.

Spaniards in Paris 1971

In the early 70's, more than forty thousand Spanish in Paris working as maids. Few had crossed the border before, and most had not even left her village. These girls are Emily, who has left behind the hard times and has adapted to the big city, Isabel struggling to her sonthat she had with a man who abandoned she, Dioni, who thinks only of early money, and Francisca, a woman who knows nothing and is lost in life.

Hablamos Español

Hablamos Español was a 1971 German educational television series produced by NDR, teaching Spanish as a foreign or second language to German viewers. This series was divided into three parts of 13 episodes each.

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