The Deep 1977

A pair of young vacationers are involved in a dangerous conflict with treasure hunters when they discover a way into a deadly wreck in Bermuda waters...

War-Gods of the Deep 1965

A chance discovery leads American mining engineer Ben Harris and acquaintance Harold to discover a lost city under the sea while searching for their kidnapped friend Jill. Held captive in the underwater city by the tyrannical Captain (Vincent Price), and his crew of former smugglers, the three plot to escape...

The Deep End 2001

With her husband Jack perpetually away at work, Margaret Hall raises her children virtually alone. Her teenage son is testing the waters of the adult world, and early one morning she wakes to find the dead body of his gay lover on the beach of their rural lakeside home. What would you do? What is rational and what do you do to protect your child? How far do you go and when do you stop?

The Deep End of the Ocean 1999

Michelle Pfeiffer is ferocious in the role of a desperate mother whose 3-year-old son disappears during her high school reunion. Nine years later, by chance, he turns up in the town in which the family has just relocated. Based on Jacquelyn Mitchard's best-selling novel (an Oprah book club selection), the movie effectively presents the troubling dynamics that exist between family members who've suffered such an unsettling loss.

Aliens of the Deep 2005

James Cameron teams up with NASA scientists to explore the Mid-Ocean Ridge, a submerged chain of mountains that band the Earth and are home to some of the planet's most unique life forms.

Chronicle Mysteries: The Deep End 2019

The latest edition of Alex McPherson’s true crime podcast centers on the death of a man whose wife seems certain to be convicted for his murder. Fairly certain that the woman did not kill her husband, it’s up to Alex to figure out who the real killer is as the trial heads toward its conclusion.

Humanoids from the Deep 1996

In this remake to the original 1980 ecological horror movie, a secret government experiment turns nightmarish when genetically altered fish, bred as amphibious weapons, escape. Scientists believe them dead after a biohazardous chemical spill. Far from it, the creatures thrive as bloodthirtsy killers, threatening to annihilate a small coastal town by slaughtering the men and abducting the women for mating! Government scientists attempt to keep the creatures' origin a secret while trying to destroy them.

Kraken: Tentacles of the Deep 2006

Thirty years ago, Ray Reiter witnessed the brutal death of his parents at sea by a strange, octopus-like creature. Now determined to exact revenge, he joins archaeologist Nicole on a perilous high-seas expedition to find a legendary Greek Opal - said to be guarded by the very beast that murdered his family. As they come face to face with the killer Kraken, they must also battle a ruthless crime lord, who will stop at nothing to seize the coveted treasure for himself.

The Deep 2010

Metal objects of the past come to life in the depths of the sea.

Lords of the Deep 1989

Man has finally conquered the ocean. America's first self-contained undersea laboratory is the pride of the nation, and expectations are high for an elaborate undersea mining operation. What wasn't expected was the inhabitants of an undiscovered world.

Into the Deep 1994

An underwater exploration beneath kelp forests in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Southern California. The film captures the birth of a shark, squids mating, a lobster molting, a fish protecting its nest from an octopus and a sea urchin, and the sea bed covered with brittle stars.

Haunters of the Deep 1984

Josh Holman encounters the ghost of a child mine worker with a special warning on the headlands of his Cornish home town, as an old tin mine is about to be re-opened after the discovery of valuable deposits of ore.

Empires of the Deep

For thousand of years, legends of beautiful mermaids have enchanted people from all over the globe. Their fascinating and mysterious world has always captured the imagination of humans. In film history, there hasn't been a single movie that has uncovered and explored this mystical world. What secrets lurk beneath the depths? And why do beautiful mermaids seduce human men? "Mermaid Island" is the first underwater fantasy film to unveil and answer these questions.

The Deep Blue Sea 1955

A woman is unhappy in her marriage to a boring, stiff judge, so she takes up with a wild-living RAF pilot, who ends up being more than she can handle. (

The Deep Six 1958

The conflict between duty and conscience is explored in the WWII drama The Deep Six. Alan Ladd stars as Naval gunnery officer Alec Austin, a Quaker whose sincere pacifist sentiments do not sit well with his crew members. When he refuses to fire upon an unidentified plane, the word spreads that Austin cannot be relied upon in battle (never mind that the plane turns out to be one of ours). To prove that he's worthy of command, Austin volunteers for a dangerous mission: the rescue of a group of US pilots on a Japanese-held island. The ubiquitous William Bendix costars as Frenchy Shapiro (!), Austin's Jewish petty officer and severest critic. If the film has a villain, it is Keenan Wynn as ambitious Lt. Commander Edge, who seems to despise anyone who isn't a mainline WASP.

In the Deep Woods 1992

A friend of Joanna has been killed by a serial killers who leaves the bodies in the woods. A strange guy who says is a private detective: Joanna begins to fear he might be the killer.

The Deep 1970

A couple's honeymoon trip aboard a yacht leads to a claustrophobic drama when another vessel runs into their voyage, apparently drifting.

A Sheep in the Deep 1962

Ralph Wolf and Sam Sheepdog punch into work, with Sam guarding a flock of sheep against Ralph's attempts to snatch some mutton for dinner. Ralph uses a lull-a-bye record to put Sam to sleep and steals one of the sheep, but the lamb unzips itself to reveal someone very unexpected beneath!

The Deep 2016

The adventures of the Nekton family, a family of daring underwater explorers who live aboard a state-of-the-art submarine, The Aronnax, and explore uncharted areas of the earth's oceans to unravel the mysteries of the deep.

The Deep 2010

As the world's energy supplies dwindle, the Orpheus, a research submarine, delves into the deep of the Arctic Ocean searching for rare micro-organisms, but the crew soon find themselves in peril.

The Deep End 2010

The Deep End is an American television series created by David Hemingson and produced by 20th Century Fox Television for the ABC television network. Starring Mehcad Brooks, Matt Long, Tina Majorino, Clancy Brown, and Billy Zane, the show follows five first-year associate attorneys from diverse backgrounds as they learn how to cope with the challenges of working at one of the most prestigious law firms in Los Angeles.

Insane Pools: Off the Deep End 2015

Follow Award-winning pool designer Lucas Congdon and his crew as they tackle unprecedented designs, challenging clients, malfunctioning equipment, weather crises, unforgiving materials, and much more in their quest to build breathtaking natural wonders in every day backyards.

Legends of the Deep 2019

Celine and Fabien Cousteau use cutting-edge tech to hunt for a long-lost shipwreck in the Bermuda Triangle, and if their top-secret clues are right, they might uncover new evidence that explains the disappearances in this deadly and mysterious place.

Dark Waters: Murder in the Deep 2018

Viewers are taken deep into the world of maritime murders. Despite its promise of beauty and tranquility, the sea is a lawless world where jealousy, greed and rage surface and where no one is safe.

Soul Deep: The Story of Black Popular Music

Soul music has conquered the world in the last 50 years - growing from the raw, electric rhythms of the black underclass, it is now a billion dollar industry with R&B and hip hop dominating the world's charts. It's been the soundtrack to some of the most extraordinary social, political and cultural shifts. Together with the civil rights movement, it has challenged white hegemony, helped break down segregation and encouraged the fight for racial equality. This new six-part series, made by the BBC team who produced the critically-acclaimed Lost Highway, Walk On By and Dancing In The Street series, charts the evolution of soul music - with a fascinating combination of rare archive footage and over 100 contemporary interviews. The movers and shakers from the world of soul – such as James Brown, Mary J Blige, Beyoncé and Martha Reeves, - plus some often overlooked talent, track the music that shaped our lives.

Cryonics – Freeze Me

Cryonics – Freeze Me is a television documentary programme created by ZigZag Production for Five in 2006 for in their Stranger than Fiction series. The program's main topic is cryonics and mainly features interviews with Alcor Life Extension Foundation staff or Alcor members. The program is narrated by Michael Lumsden. Interviews with following people are featured: ⁕Tanya Jones, Chief Operating Officer, Alcor ⁕Michael Riskin, Ph.D, Alcor Board of Directors and Member ⁕Anita Riskin, Alcor Member ⁕Dr Arthur W. Rowe, Ph.D, Professor of Forensic Medicine, New York University Medical School ⁕Terry Katz, Alcor Member ⁕Aubrey de Grey, Ph.D, Biomedical Gerentologist ⁕Gregory Fahy, Ph.D Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer, 21st Century Medicine ⁕Regina Pancake, Head of Alcor Stabilisation Team, South California ⁕Tilly Nydes ⁕Robin Nydes, Alcor Member ⁕Professor Ralph Merkle, Ph.D, Georgia Tech College of Computing ⁕Dr James R. Baker MD, Director Michigan Nanotechnology Institute

Ocean Odyssey

Ocean Odyssey is a two-part, two-hour television programme produced for the BBC by the production company Impossible Pictures. It follows the life of a bull Sperm whale from his first deep dive until his death, stranded on a beach. Unlike most Impossible Pictures productions, it uses CGI to recreate currently living rather than extinct creatures. Also, most of the backgrounds are CG as well.

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