Bath Time 2014

A screaming baby awakens madness and bloodlust.

The Bathroom 2005

wenty years of Chile in a bathroom. This movie is a fiction that detects, from a security camera, all the cultural, social and family changes in Chile between 1968 and 1988. Hippies, political prisoners, entrepreneurs, teachers pass through this bathroom, in different periods with their own sense of humour, passions and concerns...without imagining that there is an eye which is spying them.

Bath of Life 2016

Immersive documentary which takes us n an intimate journey to the inner life of public baths through the voices of three characters: Felipe, the main clerk since 1984; Juana, a street sweeper in Mexico City's downtown; and Jose, a frequent client of more than forty years. Bath of Life becomes a confessionary for those who gather around the same place: the sauna.

Ladies Room 2003

Some incidents occur on the dancing floor, and the ladies' restroom at a tropical club will change the life of a macho politician, a naive and subdued married woman, an unfaithful lesbian couple, a transsexual dreaming of a sex reassignment surgery and a smart school teacher who loses her head after a few drinks.

Blood Bath

"Leti is not sick and you should stop worrying about her", says Erica. But Damián knows better: the night visits to the cemetery and the bathroom decorated with plaques; the knives on the wall and the frequent wounds; the bandages and the barbed wire... He also knows that Erica's arrival to get a picture and become famous for it was for the worst: now Leti wants to be sliced until there's no more Leti left to cut. He doesn't know their obsessions and desires will lead them to get together again, sharing the same place: a true bloody bath.

Women Bathroom 2005

Three women get locked in the bathroom of an airport. This confinement becomes some sort of therapy that reveals the truth of each one of them.

Interior Bathroom Night 2005

A woman locks herself in the bathroom. It’s late at night and everything -and everybody- will remain outside her small, claustrophobic world. But before the new day arrives he will knock at the door. This is a combination of dance and the cinematic exploration of the tension between loneliness and contact, a tension we could call intimacy.

You. Me. Bathroom. Sex. Now. 2015

Three days before Christmas, Antonio finds out that his boyfriend of 8 years is cheating on him. Heartbroken, he looks for solace in his favorite dive bar where a mysterious visitor has a keen interest in him. A comedy about a man who tries to forget about love, in all the wrong places.

Baden verboten 1906

Three young women are smiling and playing in a lake, their nude bodies reflecting in the water, when a forest watcher appears from the wood, and chases them away. They get out of the water, pick their clothes from tree branches, and move away before putting them on. The bearded man seems to be shy, but he is chasing after them through the wood, anyway. the circular movement of that water.

Ghost Killers VS. Bloody Mary 2018

A group of three youtubers who call themselves experts in supernatural beings decide to win public recognition once and for all. For this they plot a plan to capture a being known to all. It is the spirit of a light-haired woman who died in an unknown way and who haunts the bathrooms of schools across the country: the blonde in the bathroom.

Blood Bath 1976

The actors for a horror movie go out to dinner one evening with their director and tell horror stories to each other.

Shower of Blood 2004

Creepy uncle Marty is having a ball as his niece and her sexy friends pop in (and out) at his secluded house in the woods to use his shower, discover dark secrets and develop a taste for blood.

The Sand Bath 1907

A middle-aged man bare chest and wearing trousers, clears a shallow trench in the sand while a young woman draped in a long, flimsy veil looks on. The man leaves, but stays in the nearby wood at a watching distance, glancing at the girl divesting of her robe, sitting in the trench as if to sunbathe. She shifts positions a couple of times, but then the man returns, and starts covering her with sand. Unhappy, the girl gets up, picks a flask of lotion from the trench, and leaves with the man.

Hollywood Hot Tubs 1984

A teen and his friends get into trouble for vandalizing the Hollywood sign, and rather than going to prison he opts to work for his uncle's hot tub repair company. The sleazy salesman drums up business by sabotaging the tubs at Hollywood Hot Tubs and by wooing the owner. The nephew begins falling in love with the secretary at his uncle's company, but risks losing her when caught in compromising but unintentional situations while he goes about his duties as tub repairman.

El Mal We El Banon

Money and Sons An Egyptian series of two parts produced and exhibited in the early 1990s, where the first part was performed in 1993 and the second in 1995. The series was written by Mohammed Jalal Abdel-Qawi and directed by Magdi Abu Amira. He was one of the most important series of the nineties and won the award of the Egyptian Radio and Television Administration in 1998 and was honored by his director Magdy Abu Amira

Banoo e Emarat 2018

The Lady of the Mansion "refers to the Qajar era, which has a romantic theme and has been filming this series in Tehran, Kashan and Qazvin. The film is very romantic and serious, and relations and relations in this series are going very seriously. The seriousness of this The serial is a fun theme. At the same time, family preservation is quite evident. An illustration of the historical characters appeared in the series, but it was designed and designed so that we will not even notice big things. The story is about a grandmother named Ahu, who has spent 50 years in a post in the highlands of the Qajar era ...

Banoo Main Teri Dulhann

Banoo Main Teri Dulhann is an immensely popular Indian soap opera that aired on Zee TV channel August 14 2006 through May 2009. The series deals with the life of a small city woman, Vidya, who reaches Delhi after marrying Sagar, a rich businessman. This serial become an instant hit among the audience and brought Zee TV up to a high spot, giving stiff competition to Star Plus hit show, Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi and others. The death of Sagar and Vidya was the turning point in the serial where it brought negative impact over the real-life of Kamya Punjabi aka Sindoora. The creative team decided to kill Sindoora in the later part of the serial to gain high TRPs once again but, instead, the TRPs began to steep low. The creative team decided to bring Sindoora back once again, resulting in high TRPs but not for long. Banoo Main Teri Dulhann was decided to be brought off air. In March 2009, Dulhann was going to end instead of Kasamh Se but Dulhann was given a second chance to reign therefore ending the long run of Kasamh Se. Two months later, Dulhann ended due to low TRPs.

Beend Banoongaa Ghodi Chadhunga

Beend Banoongaa Ghodi Chadhunga was an Indian television series aired on Imagine TV every mon to fri at 8:00PM. It premaired on March 28, 2011 and due to low ratings it concluded on February 24, 2012. It is based on the story of two people who get caught up in the web of strong traditions and their unique journey together. The show is set in Jaipur. The protagonists are from conservative Marwari families.

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