All Summers End 2017

A teenager tries to deal with his guilty conscience after his role in a prank that causes the death of his girlfriend's older brother.

Three Summers 2017

Set over three summers at The Westival, a fictional West Australian rural folk festival redoubtable local radio personality ‘Queenie' describes as "Australia in a tent". Two young musicians fall in love against a wider collection of tales dealing with a microcosm of contemporary discussion points, including Indigenous, immigration and refugee issues.

Summer's Blood 2009

A demented handyman comes to the rescue of a young woman (Ashley Greene), then imprisons her in his basement.

As Summers Die 1986

Set in a sleepy Southern Louisiana town in 1959, a lawyer, searches for justice as he volunteers to help a black woman whose property is being threatened by the Holts, the first family of the town, after she refuses to sell her valuable land.

Stealing Summers 2011

Three American expats living in Buenos Aires decide to steal a large sum of money so they don't have to return home. But what starts as a game soon turns violent and they find themselves on the verge of consequences none of them expected.

Summer's End 2000

12-year-old boy and his older brother have just lost their dad. At their summer cottage, the younger boy befriends a black doctor who has to deal with local prejudice and racism.

50 Summers 2018

Follow the evolution of Minor League Baseball over the last half-century as the Omaha Storm Chasers-the Triple A affiliate of the Kansas City Royals-kick off their historic 50th Season and pull back the curtain on game day life.

A Dozen Summers 2015

Maisie and Daisy McCormack are two ordinary 12-year-olds finding their way through life in the 21st century. Oh, and they may have just hijacked a movie.

15 Summers Later 2011

It’s a fine and warm sunny day at a beach in the Trondheim fjord. Laila and Aksel, a couple in their late twenties, are enjoying the opportunity to relax and unwind near the sea. Halvard, an old classmate of Laila’s, happens to be having a walk at the very same place. Although it has been twelve years since they last saw each other, Halvard’s memories seem much more vivid than Laila’s.

Summer's Shadow 2014

Bright and independent 12-year-old Summer Larsen rescues a sweet, stray dog and will stop at nothing to save him. And it's her determination that ultimately impacts those around her.

9 Summers 10 Autumns 2013

At the foot of Mount Panderman, in a house of 6 x 7 m, Iwan dreams to build a bedroom. Living with six other people in the cramped little house, a bedroom is truly a luxury. His father is a public car driver who can’t remember his own birthday, while her mother didn’t finish elementary school. Iwan grows up together with his four sisters. It is education that grants a way out. With tenacity, the Apple Town boy can work in the Big Apple, New York. Ten years of his exploration in that most cosmopolitan city makes him able to raise his family’s dignity. He manages to hold an important position in one of the biggest multinational corporations. However the bright lights of New York can’t heal a bitter memory. A shocking event brought forth someone who takes him to revisit the past. It is family love that saves all.

Andy Summers: Guitar 2006

Andy Summers not only teaches some great guitar parts from his years with The Police, he demonstrates some more advanced playing plus jazz and blues styles. You'll learn about chord group memorization and clusters, special suspensions, visualizing the root, mapping out the neck, modal interchanges, squeezing the chords, and a whole lot more. Plus some great live performances by Andy playing with his band!

Summer's End 1985

10-year-old Kathy prefers pigtails to curls and runs away for the day to avoid a hair appointment. While she's off having adventures with her best pal Jeeter, her parents clash over how to handle the situation. Kathy's mother worries that her daughter doesn't "fit in" while her father believes she's "just an individual" and should be allowed to grow up at her own pace. At the end of the day, Kathy must return home to face the inevitable.

Summer's Children 1979

SUMMER'S CHILDREN is the story of a young man who tries to escape his troubled home and sister to find a new life for himself. He takes on a new job and enters into new relationships, but his sister pursues him in a cat and mouse game, getting into trouble in the city's seedy underground. In a series of flashbacks, we discover the reasons for his initial departure, as he and his sister try to find a peaceful resolution to their feelings about each other.

Jazz on a Summer's Day 1960

Set at the Newport jazz festival in 1958, this documentary mixes images of water and the town with performers and audience. The film progresses from day to night and from improvisational music to Gospel. It's a concert film that suggests peace and leisure, jazz at a particular time and place.

Summer's Games 1987

T&A aplenty in this 80s beach-sploitation featuring dozens of bikini-clad (or less) ladies partaking in "games" like speediest suntan oil application, oil wrestling, human ladder, swimming pool and inner tube racing, wet t-shirt contests and the ever-popular tassel twirling.

Through The Summer's Eyes 2019

A teenage girl in New York is struggling with life's gradual hardships until she realizes to have a moment without her wrongfully emotive backpack.

Midsummer Nightmares II: Summer's End 2014

Midsummer Nightmares II: Summer's End continues the contemporary tale of Danielle Water's, viciously, vindictive psycho killer. The story picks up three years after the first film with Audrey Small facing her nightmares once more when Danielle returns to finish what she started.

Summer's End: The Legend of Samhain

Sue didn't want a big Halloween party like last year. So she and a few friends decided to have a small quiet get together. However, a force of evil has other plans for Sue and her friends. Now, they must fight for their lives, and discover his deadly secret.

Paul Monette: The Brink of Summer's End 1997

Narrated by Linda Hunt, this documentary examines the life of the late author and gay rights activist Paul Monette. Born in 1945 to a well-off Massachusetts family, Monette grows up unable to accept his homosexuality, for years hiding it from his loved ones while struggling to develop as a writer. In 1978, Monette publishes his first novel, which allows him to come out to his parents. After losing one lover to AIDS in 1986, he becomes a ferocious advocate for awareness of the disease.

Indian Summers 2015

Epic drama set in the summer of 1932 where India dreams of independence, but the British are clinging to power. Set against the sweeping grandeur of the Himalayas and tea plantations of Northern India, the drama tells the rich and explosive story of the decline of the British Empire and the birth of modern India, from both sides of the experience. At the heart of the story lie the implications and ramifications of the tangled web of passions, rivalries and clashes that define the lives of those brought together in this summer which will change everything.

Summer's Lease 1989

Molly Pargeter is a forty-something wife and mother of three girls, who leads a stable but dull life in 1980s West London. She feels overweight and there is no passion in her relationship with her husband Hugh, who is secretly seeing another woman. For most of her life she has found escape in detective novels and books on art, especially about the fifteenth century Italian fresco painter Piero Della Francesca. Then in a newspaper's small ads Molly sees the details of a villa in Tuscany, Italy to let and after travelling to Italy to view the villa "La Felicita" she decides to take it for the family's August holiday.

Summer's Best

Summer's Best is a Food Network Canada show hosted by Julie Zwillich. Julie Zwillich travels around vacation country in Ontario visiting local artisans and preparing seasonal recipes at high-end vacation homes. Every episode revolves around a local ingredient and the activities in the area. Many of the episodes involve barbecuing and outdoor dining. Since much of "cottage country" exists near lakes, water sports such as water skiing, wakeboarding, sailing, cliff jumping and snorkeling are often featured.

Summer's Desire 2018

When Luo Xi steps in to save the talented Xia Mo from a performance-threatening mishap at a major singing contest, he reverses a longstanding distrust they've shared since meeting in the same foster home as teen orphans. Luo Xi falls in love with Xia Mo and prompts Ou Chen, Xia Mo's suitor to dispatch her abroad on studies. Five years later, the now famous Luo Xi meets Xia Mo again, just at the moment an accident causes Ou Chen to lose his memory. As love and hate entangle with confusion, how will this love triangle unfold?

Summer's Desire 2010

Two men both lost out on their chances to win over the woman they loved, but can they learn from their past mistakes? Yin Xia Mo and Luo Xi are both orphans who are adopted by the same family. Luo Xi is a cold, manipulative young man who lies and cheats and does whatever is necessary to get what he wants and achieve the success and fortune that he seeks. Ou Chen is a wealthy heir who dates Xia Mo during high school and is extremely protective of her and jealous of her closeness with Luo Xi. Both men will do anything to win Xia Mo’s heart, but their all-consuming war with each other results in both losing Xia Mo. Five years later, when the three meet again, will history repeat itself?


SummerSlam (1996) was the ninth annual SummerSlam professional wrestling pay-per-view event produced by the World Wrestling Federation. It was presented by Stridex. It took place on August 18, 1996 at the Gund Arena in Cleveland, Ohio.


Summerscope is a Canadian current affairs television series which aired on CBC Television in 1980.

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