Simba 1955

White farmers in Kenya come under siege from the Mau Maus. Some natives try to help them and it's later discovered that the father of a native doctor is the secret leader of the Mau Maus. The film capitalizes on the political upheaval taking place at the time of its filming in Kenya, which was anxious to attain its independence from British colonial rule.

The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride 1998

The circle of life continues for Simba, now fully grown and in his rightful place as the king of Pride Rock. Simba and Nala have given birth to a daughter, Kiara who's as rebellious as her father was. But Kiara drives her parents to distraction when she catches the eye of Kovu, the son of the evil lioness, Zira. Will Kovu steal Kiara's heart?

Simba: The King of the Beasts 1928

Simba: The King of the Beasts is an 1928 American black-and-white silent documentary film, directed by Martin and Osa Johnson, which features the couple's four-year expedition to track the lion across Kenyan veld to his lair.

Simba 2019

A stoner befriends a Great Dane, who is the pet of his neighbour, and tries to make her fall in love with him.

The Golden Voyage of Sinbad 1973

Sinbad and his crew intercept a homunculus carrying a golden tablet. Koura, the creator of the homunculus and practitioner of evil magic, wants the tablet back and pursues Sinbad. Meanwhile Sinbad meets the Vizier who has another part of the interlocking golden map, and they mount a quest across the seas to solve the riddle of the map.

Simbad, O Marujo Trapalhão 1976

Kiko and Duda, circus workers, get into a big mess when Kiko is mistaken for the trampist Sinbad. The bumbling boy is then abducted by the minions of the magician Ali Tuffi, who already has in his power the genius of the magic bottle, but they need the trapeze artist, descendant of the true sailor, to locate the philosopher's stone with which he will become a man very rich, with lots of fortune and power. In an attempt to help his friends, the real trampist Simbad and his girlfriend Luciana also end up being held prisoner on the bandits' ship. After a confusion, everyone will stop on an island full of dangers, where the stone is hidden.

Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger 1977

Princess Farah refuses to marry Sinbad until Prince Kassim, her brother, is able to give his consent. However, the Prince's wicked stepmother, Queen Zenobia, has changed Kassim into a baboon in order to have her own son crowned as caliph. Sinbad, his crew, the Princess and the transformed Prince travel to a distant land, fighting every obstacle Zenobia places in their path, to seek the advice of a legendary wise man who can possibly tell how to end the spell.

Captain Sindbad 1963

After completing his voyages Sindbad the Sailor and his hearty crew have come home to find a palace coup d'etat has occurred and his home city is being run by a brutal dictator played by Pedro Armendariz. He's got designs on the beautiful young princess, Heidi Bruhl both lustful and political.

Simbad e il califfo di Bagdad 1973

The sailor Sinbad is dragged by two cheaters on board a ship on which the beautiful Sherazade travels, promised to the Caliph of Baghdad. Adventurous fairytale inspired by the "A Thousand and One Nights".

Pacquiao vs. Simbajon 1995

In his 5th professional fight, Manny Pacquiao fights against Acasio Simbajon in Mandaluyong Gym, Mandaluyong Sports Center, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, Philippines. Pacquiao wins by unanimous decision in the 6th round.

Sinbad the Sailor 1947

Daredevil sailor Sinbad embarks on a voyage across the Seven Seas to find the lost riches of Alexander the Great. His first stop is the port of Basra, where his ship is seized and scheduled for auction. In his attempt to win it back, he befriends beautiful concubine Shireen. But when her master, the nefarious Emir, calls her back to duty, Sinbad must interrupt his adventure to save the "Jewel of Persia."

Curse Of The Voodoo 1965

In Africa, a hunter kills a great lion. The animal turns out to be sacred to a local tribe of voodoo worshipers, and when the hunter returns to England, he finds himself seeing strange apparitions involving the lion and murderous jungle warriors.

Sinbad: The Battle of the Dark Knights 1998

A young boy is taught to use his imagination by his grandfather who casts him in a great adventure back in time. Using a magic coin, he enters the medieval world of Sinbad, who must rescue a beautiful princess from the clutches of an evil knight.

Simbad el Mareado 1950

The Mexican comedy Simbad el Mareado stars the popular comic Tin-Tan. The story concerns the adventurer Sinbad who becomes sidetracked from his quest for riches and love when he suffers from a psychotic belief that his best friend is a commoner who may be in line to receive a financial windfall.

Sinbad of the Seven Seas 1989

Fantasy tale based on the tale of the legendary sailor. Here Sinbad must recover five magical stones to free the city of Basra from the evil spell cast by a wizard. His journey takes him to the isle of the Amazons where the queen tries to capture him, to a battle with ghost warriors on the isle of the dead, and ultimately to a battle with his own double.

The Saturday Night Dance 1968

Truck driver Papa (Sebastian Papaiani) carrying food for a large construction site canteen, falls in love with two girls.

Sindbad the Sailor 1975

More than 1200 years ago, the impish Sindbad, a mischievous boy full of curiosity, sneaks into the royal palace to watch the acrobatic performances and learns that a wide world awaits beyond Baghdad. Hearing of the travels of his uncle Captain Ali, Sindbad decides to become a sailor and travel around the world. Leaving behind a note to his father, young Sindbad boards Captain Ali’s ship and-accompanied by a myna called Sheila-sets out for the greatest adventure of his life.

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