The Greatest Showman 2017

The story of American showman P.T. Barnum, founder of the circus that became the famous traveling Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus.

Showman 1963

Albert and David Maysles (Gimme Shelter) directed this 53-minute documentary about movie tycoon Joseph E. Levine (1963).

David Blaine - Showman 2001

Premier American magician David Blaine's first ever street perfomance, on the streets of Brooklyn, when he swallows a diamond from a wedding ring and produces it from his eye (!), amazes onlookers with his card tricks and even re-incarnates dead animals. Also included is Blaine's most famous stunt (and behind-the-scene accounts of it) when, in November 2000, 1 million people came to witness him frozen in a six-ton block of ice for 3 days and nights and then walking out unharmed.

Toby the Showman 1930

Toby conducting an orchestra playing Irving Berlin's "Alexander's Ragtime Band" while that band is spitting tobacco in the spittoons nearby!

Showman - The Life of John Nathan-Turner 2019

This well researched and insightful documentary about producer John Nathan-Turner looks at his career with a special emphasis on his time at Doctor Who which he worked on throughout the 1980s until the show went on hiatus following the Season 26 story ‘Survival’. Featuring rare footage and commentary from those who knew him and worked with him, Showman is a fascinating look at the life of a troubled showman with lots of stories to tell.

Showman's Day

Moulay Yacoub starts a physical and poetic journey of self-knowledge across Morocco.

Zaitsev, burn! Showman history 2010

Alexey Zaitsev is a professional showman. Restless agent and endless activities further and further alienate Zaitsev from the beloved. But the main problem is that he's been lying to everyone all his life, since kindergarten. And once the showman decides to experiment, after which all and he begins to tell the truth…

One Man's Show 2012

On the eve of his fiftieth birthday, an actor discovers that he's got stomach cancer. He must now face his shattered life.

The Great Buck Howard 2008

When a law school dropout answers an advertisement to be a personal assistant he unknowingly signs on to work for a belligerent has-been magician struggling to resurrect his career. This leads to a journey across the country staging the comeback of a lifetime.

Mr. Saturday Night 1992

Buddy Young was the comic's comic, beloved by everyone. Now, playing to miniscule crowds in nursing homes, it seems like everybody but Buddy realizes that he should retire. As Buddy looks for work in show business, he realizes that the rest of the world has forgotten the golden days of Buddy Young, and that there just may not be room in the business for an old comic like himself.

Circus World 1964

Circus owner Matt Masters is beset by disasters as he attempts a European tour of his circus. At the same time, he is caught in an emotional bind between his adopted daughter and her mother.

Walang Tulugan with the Master Showman

Walang Tulugan with the Master Showman is a late night variety show aired every Saturday evenings by GMA Network. The show became popular due to its tagline "Walang Tulugan" as the program airs live at 11:30 pm right after Tunay Na Buhay.

Celebrity Showmance 2017

Celebrity Showmance sees six single celebrities paired into three very unlikely ‘couples’ who go to hilarious lengths to convince the public that they’re in a real, romantic relationship.

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