Bad Girls 2007

A rebellious teen butts heads with the teachers at an all-girl charm school in Mexico City.

Two Ninas 2000

After a long lonely period of involuntary celibacy, Marty Sachs decides that he has had enough of New York and wants to pack up and run the family business in Maine. Yet before he leaves, he meets two available, attractive women, both named Nina. Nina Cohen shares many of the same eccentric interests as Marty, but she has grow gun-shy from one too many bad relationships. Blonde bombshell Nina Harris literally knocks Marty off his feet in an ill-fated attempt at snagging a cab.

The Good Girls 2019

A well-to-do socialite and her husband must wrestle with the impact of Mexico's 1982 economic crisis.

Nina's Journey 2005

Nina's Journey is a feature film, but with an authentic narrator. We follow Nina and her family during six dramatic years, half of them spent in the Warsaw ghetto. The film tells the story of a young girl coming of age under extreme circumstances: Nina falls in love, goes to parties, and graduates high school - all in the Warsaw ghetto. One could say that, in these horrid times, she is almost living the life of a normal teenager. If it wasn't for the fact that all those around her are vanishing, one by one. Nina's Journey is shot in Warsaw, with Polish actors. But it is narrated by the elderly Nina Einhorn herself.

Nina's Children 2015

After Anschluss — the Nazi invasion and incorporation of Austria in 1938 — a group of Jewish children travel from Vienna to Oslo for summer camp. But when the time comes for them to return home, the political conditions on the continent have worsened and they can no longer return to their families. In Norway, an orphanage is established to look after these effectively homeless children, one of whom is director Nina Grünfeld’s father.

Niñas Araña 2017

Three teenage girls from a Santiago shanty town set in motion a plan to climb buildings and break into the apartments of the wealthy side of the town.

The Girls 2009

Sofía, a young girl, has cancer. Her friend Antonia comes to see her and accompany her in her apartment. Sofía seems to avoid the illness, not wanting to face it, but Antonia is reluctant to let this happen. Between them a strange and ambiguous link emerges, conditioned by the weight of the situation they are facing. However, Sofía hides a secret. When Antonia reveals it, as harsh as it seems, things won't be settled.

Las niñas

Documentary about three senile sisters, who face death differently at the end of their lives.

The Quispe Girls 2013

Based on a true story occurred in 1974, this is the tale of sisters Justa, Lucia, and Luciana Quispe, sheperds in the Chilean altiplano who lead a solitary life. A visitor brings news about a law that might change their way of living. This event forces the women to question their existence and relentlessly brings them to a tragic end.

Juego de niñas 2007

Experimental fiction based in the poetic texts of Alejandra Pizarnik, about the mythic character Elizabeth Báthory, the bloody countess and the tortures that she performed to young woman in the XVI century.

Nina's Nightmares 2007

As the night wears on, Ninas nightmares become increasingly filled with perverted and sexually violent imagery as she finds it harder and harder to tell whats is dream and what is reality. For Nina it seems that the nightmare is never ending.

Nina's Tragedies 2003

The taboo relationship between young Nadav and his Aunt Nina transcends definition on its way to odd highs and lows.

Nina's Melody 2017

A faded musician is forced to revisit the scarring memories of his past when he hears his melody being played for the first time since his muse left him

Ninas Welt

Ninas Welt is a German television series.

Nina's World 2015

Tag along with imaginative 6-year-old Nina on her neighborhood excursions with her best friends Carlos, Chelsea and Star – celebrating family, community, diversity and wonder.

Nina's Little Fables

Nina's Little Fables is a 10-minute TV show aired during The Good Night Show on PBS Kids Sprout, starring Michele Lepe as Nina and Star, reading fables. The show premiered on June 28, 2010 and features fables, notably from Aesop's Fables. It is based on the series created by Smartoonz, Little Fables.

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