The Crying Woman 1933

Llorona is a figure unique to Mexican folklore -- the wailing spirit of a woman who lost or killed her child and now returns to seek revenge and haunt the living. With its framing story and flashback structure, this film sets forth a couple of variations of the story.

The Weeping Woman 2019

A tale of horror and fantasy, ripe with suspense, and an urgent metaphor of Guatemalan recent history and its unhealed political wounds.

The Wailer 3 2012

Daniel and Alice take their two young children to Alice's mother's house after the tragic and mysterious death of her father. Once there, Daniel learns about several unresolved murder and missing people cases. Daniel and his family also become victims of this town's dark faith when his wife mysteriously dies and his children go missing. Soon after this tragedy he begins to investigate what's haunting the town and its residents. In his research he discovers that his wife is a direct descendant of a women known as "La Llorona", the troubled mother who drowned her children after her husband's infidelity centuries ago. "La Llorona's" tortured should haunts everyone and her insatiable thirst for blood will destroy everyone in her path.

Curse of the Weeping Woman: J-ok'el 2007

An unworldly and closed-minded American travels to a small village in exotic Chiapas, Mexico; at the behest of his estranged mother when his half-sister disappears during a local epidemic of kidnappings attributed to the legendary J-ok'el, the weeping woman, who drowned her own babies, centuries ago and whose spirit has returned to claim more children as her own.

The Wailer 2006

On their way to Mexico, six students are stranded in a small town where years before a tragedy took place.

La Llorona Curse 2019

A paranormal television show crew investigates a home where alleged paranormal sightings of La Llorona (The Crying Woman) have occurred. Soon, the group finds themselves in a life or death fight as one of the world's oldest urban legends comes to life before their eyes.

La Llorona 2012

Abandoned by her mother and abused by her father, a lonesome runaway finds solace in a foreclosed home only for her sorrow to conjure the presence of "La Llorona" the weeping woman in white; a ghostly creature always in search of her missing children...that she killed herself many years ago.

The Haunting of La Llorona 2019

The screams of the children echo throughout the night as a violent reminder of a demon of the past. La Llorona, a paranormal force has returned and seeks the blood of the innocent, proving that the legend is real.

La leyenda de la llorona 2011

Leo San Juan, el joven héroe de "La Leyenda de la Nahuala", está de regreso en una tenebrosa misión: atrapar a La Llorona, el maléfico espectro que desde hace siglos mantiene aterrorizado al pueblo de Xochimilco. Utilizando su experiencia como cazafantasmas, Leo y sus compañeros de aventura, logran dar con La Llorona y hacen hasta lo imposible por vencerla. Sin embargo, todos sus esfuerzos no sólo resultan inútiles, sino que ellos mismos terminan sufriendo la maldición de La Llorona...

Revenge of La Llorona 2006

An arrogant television tabloid host that is trying to get big ratings decides to take his crew through a haunted house.

La Llorona

While vacationing in Mexico, a couple discovers their son's disappearance is tied to a supernatural curse.

Her Cry: La Llorona Investigation 2013

Crew of "Paranormal Legends" went to film their 4th season at the place where La Llorona (Weeping woman) was reportedly seen. Only thing that's left was 17 hours of tapes and 2 camcorders.

The River: Legend of La Llorona 2006

Residents of a small inn are haunted by the ghost of a lady who drowned her children. She seeks revenge by killing off the inn's residents one by one.

The True Story of the Weeping Woman 2007

A woman dreams every night that she wanders around the city screaming for her dead children and realizes that the old house where she lives is actually the tomb of murdered children.

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