Batman: Hush 2019

A mysterious new villain known only as Hush uses a gallery of villains to destroy Batman's crime-fighting career as well as Bruce Wayne's personal life, which has been further complicated by a relationship with Selina Kyle/Catwoman.

Hush 2016

A deaf woman is stalked by a psychotic killer in her secluded home.

Hush 1998

Jackson and Helen are in love and about to have their first child when they move in with Jackson's mother, Martha, in order to take care of the family estate. But all is not well in this household. Martha is jealous of her son's affection for Helen, and, despite her Southern smile, she's starting to act strangely. As Helen tries to create a happy home life, Martha attempts to divide the family so that Jackson will become hers alone.

Hush 2009

A young couple on a motorway journey are drawn into a game of cat and mouse with a truck driver when they see something disturbing in the back of his vehicle.

Hush 2005

A married man must deal with an obsessive former girlfriend after he moves back to his hometown.

Mr. Hush 2010

What is the ultimate horror? For Holland Price, it is losing everything he loves. Holland is a devoted family man whose life is turned upside-down by a horrifying figure one Halloween night. Holland spends ten years searching the country, filled with self-torment and suffering, as he is haunted by his nightmares of that terrible night. He is drawn back to the small town of Layton, PA where he finds work in a restaurant owned by his friend, Mac. There he meets Debbie and begins to regain stability and peace in his life. But once his life adjusts to normal, Mr. Hush and his henchman, Stark, arrive. Driven by a lifetime of hatred toward the Price family, Mr. Hush continues to taunt Holland. But why? Follow our hero on his emotional rollercoaster ride as he descends into a dank and villainous world to see the face of darkness for what it is the face of Mr. Hush. Two men, fueled by love lost, collide in this chilling battle of good vs. evil.

Hush, Hush

After Nora captures the attention of her gorgeous, yet enigmatic classmate Patch, she starts experiencing strange hallucinations. Soon she finds herself at the center of an ancient battle between supernatural beings.

Hush... Girls Don't Scream 2013

When the school bell rings, a thin eight year old girl named Shirin is stunned. She doesn’t know what to do… if she should get lost somewhere. Thinking of returning home with Morad, driver of her parent’s firm, gives her heart ache. Apparently it was a vision which was revived by school bell everyday – as if she is going to be thrown into a deadly hole then. But no one hears her. Her cries and screams are lost into the space. She tries hard to find somebody to talk to, but there’s no result. No one sees her. No one hears her. She is dead, but there’s no dead body to find. Everybody keeps silent and the wound bleeds to destroy her. That accident leads to this disaster… Cut… Hush… Girls don’t scream!

Hush Hush

Nora Grey is a straight-laced girl who always does the right thing. She has a level head and an independent streak that comes from raising herself for most of her life. She is very studious and has a firm, clear plan for the future -- but her entire life is turned upside down by the appearance of the new, attractive and darkly charismatic student at her school, a mysterious young man named Patch.

Hush Hush 2013

Told entirely without dialogue, Hush Hush follows a conservative newlywed couple whose failed attempts at intimacy lead them down separate paths of sexual self-discovery.

Hush 2015

A young college graduate discovers the house she is sitting is possessed by a malevolent entity.

Hush 1921

A woman finds her marriage on the rocks after she reveals to her husband some but not all the details of her one-time relationship with a current associate of his.

Hush 2017

“Secrets are such ugly, poisonous seeds hiding in the pit of your brain.”


Jeremy, in love with his best friend's wife, Suzanna, struggles unable to fulfill his desire.

hUSh 2016

Tells the story of an aspiring singer from Bali who travels to Jakarta to find success. There she encounters the trappings of success; insincere boyfriends, materialistic impulses, fast friendships, empty sexual encounters. When a breakup causes her extreme heartache, she decides to travel back home to take refuge. Her journey becomes the foundation for a discussion about all things pertaining to women's issues.

Hush 2015

A documentary chronicling one woman's investigation into the abortion health risk controversy.


Ava seems to be in something of a trance, barely registering what is happening around her. On the bus she slowly starts coming to as she makes her way towards her home town. Her brother and a few friends are still living there; she just wants to spend one or two days in familiar surroundings. After she gets drunk in the evening around a campfire and her brother Isaac has to put her to bed, the true reason for her visit comes spilling out.

Hush Little Baby 2007

A young mother suffers her worst nightmare -the drowning of her young daughter. Two years later, Jamie gives birth to another girl. After a series of suspicious accidents, Jamie becomes haunted by fears that her dead daughter's vengeful spirit has returned in her new baby. Is she right, or is guilt over her daughter's death pushing her sanity over the edge? Written by Anonymous

Hush Your Mouth 2007

A young man is killed for trying to stop what he sees as evil and his friends seen as fun. Whilst his sister starts an unwitting relationship with the killer and his mother sinks deeper into grief, it is left to his younger brother, seventeen Leo to avoid easy revenge and uncover the uncomfortable truth.

Q. T. Hush

Q.T. Hush is an American animated cartoon produced in 1960 and appearing in syndication, beginning on 24 September 1960. The show's 100 five-minute episodes, all in color, were directed by veteran animator Ken Southworth, and produced by a company called Animation Associates. The main character was voiced by veteran voice actor Dallas McKennon. All of the episodes survive.

Hush 2019

An erotic-drama anthology series which features stories that stimulate physical and emotional arousal. The episodes showcase the lives of different people and their sexual universe of intimacy, pleasure, and pain usually talked about only in the comfort of their privacy…in a hush.


HushHush is a Philippine TV series which started airing on 27 August 2008 in TV5.

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