Gratis 2016

Although Ruud and Els have been married for a hundred years, it only takes one minute to look at each other with different eyes.

Free to Play 2014

Follow three professional video game players as they overcome personal adversity, family pressures, and the realities of life to compete in a $1,000,000 tournament that could change their lives forever.

Gratis 1911

Italian comedy short from 1911.

Free Samples 2013

A Stanford law-school dropout named Jillian escapes to the anonymity of Los Angeles to figure out what she wants to do with her life, and on the day of her college boyfriend's birthday, she finds herself stuck running an ice cream truck fending off locals and oddball friends alike. This one day spent in a truck on the streets of Los Angeles will wake Jillian from her aimless daze and make her see that life doesn't stop just because you want it to.

Divinity Gratis 1995

"DIVINITY GRATIS explores time and space, starting at the beginning of the world, with molten rock and water in sequences that are exquisite in their sensuousness. Bromberg’s ability to meld ideas and images is perhaps best exemplified in this work, which is truly breathtaking in its conceptual sweep. One line seems to unify the film – a voice repeats on the soundtrack, ‘A girl, blind from birth, saw the flash.’ The flash references an atomic blast, and thus links the film’s beginning section, which is all about origins, and the film’s suggestion of apocalypse, death and the infinite sweep of time.” –Holly Willis, LA WEEKLY

Morire gratis 1969

A young artist, living and working in Rome, drives his car for a long trip to Paris. Into the car also his last work, a sculpture. During the trip he meets Michelle, young french woman. The artist in Paris hopes to sell his sculpture.

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