A Fantastic Woman 2017

Marina's life is thrown into turmoil following the death of her partner. Mourning the loss of the man she loved, she finds herself under intense scrutiny from those with no regard for her privacy.

Fantastica 2018

Belat, her mother Fec and adopted siblings Daks, Pepe and Junjun face the possibility of being evicted from their land as they struggle to save their carnival. Hoping to prevent the carnival from closing, they turn to Prince, a man from Belat`s past, for help. He promises to give them a hand if they first help him look for the lost princesses Rapunselya, Maulan and Ariella so they can save the magical land, Fantastica.

Fantastica 1980

In this Canadian made oddball mix of music and drama, an actress (Carole Laure) in a traveling musical revue is involved with the show's director until she meets and falls for an aging ecological activist. He too is drawn to her, and together they try to stop a factory from being built over an old-growth forest.

Whip It 2009

In Bodeen, Texas, Land Of The Dragon, an indie-rock loving misfit finds a way of dealing with her small-town misery after she discovers a roller derby league in nearby Austin.

Fantastic Voyage 1966

The science of miniaturization has been unlocked, and the army has big plans. But when a scientist carrying the secret of the process is injured in a surprise attack, a life-threatening blood clot puts him into a coma. Now, a team of adventurers will have to use the technology to travel inside his body and destroy the clot.

Noche fantastica 1943

Due to a rail accident, the passengers of a train had to be housed in a nearby town while awaiting the arrival of a relief convoy. In the train were traveling Alicia and Paul, a couple who will marry soon, along with her ​​mother, and George, a mature man who looks for a woman he loved. Due to the accident, they will have to spend the night there, where chance lead to a series of events that make the passengers no longer be the same.

A Fantastic Comedy 1975

This blend of comedy and psycho-drama is comprised of two disturbing stories. The first tells the tale of a robot who is set to Earth by his home planet to discover new energy sources. In the second a boy is sent into deep space as part of an inhuman experiment designed to create the perfect human.

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure 1989

A pair of failing high school students—Bill S. Preston, Esquire and Ted "Theodore" Logan—are visited by a time traveler from the future, who takes them on an adventure through time to gather up actual historical figures to help them with a history report.

Daffy Duck's Movie: Fantastic Island 1983

Daffy Duck and Speedy Gonzales find a treasure map that leads them to a wishing well, which for a penny will grant any wish (through old cartoon footage). Daffy sets up a resort around the well and various Looney Tunes characters have their dreams come true. Meanwhile, Yosemite Sam and the Tasmanian Devil hunt for the varmints who stole their treasure map!

Microcosmos 1996

A documentary of insect life in meadows and ponds, using incredible close-ups, slow motion, and time-lapse photography. It includes bees collecting nectar, ladybugs eating mites, snails mating, spiders wrapping their catch, a scarab beetle relentlessly pushing its ball of dung uphill, endless lines of caterpillars, an underwater spider creating an air bubble to live in, and a mosquito hatching.

Wonder Woman 2017

An Amazon princess comes to the world of Man in the grips of the First World War to confront the forces of evil and bring an end to human conflict.

Fantastic Vision 1957

Footage filmed in Spain, subjected a new visual effects process. Deslaw devoted himself to the discovery of a new machine that enabled film to be developed while using a new method called solarisation.

Used Cars 1980

When the owner of a struggling used car lot is killed, it's up to the lot's hot-shot salesman to save the property from falling into the hands of the owner's ruthless brother and used-car rival.

The League 2009

The League is an American sitcom and semi-improvised comedy about a about a fantasy football league and its members and their everyday lives.

Heston's Fantastical Food 2012

Heston's Fantastical Food is a television cookery program starring chef Heston Blumenthal which broadcast on Channel 4 in the UK during late 2012. The programme follows Blumenthal as he supersizes a variety of food for presentation to members of the public.

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