The Queen of Spain 2016

After her experiences in Nazi Germany, actress Macarena Granada traveled to Hollywood, where she became a star. In the 1950s, the diva returns to Francoist Spain to star a Hollywood blockbuster about Queen Isabella I of Castile. (A sequel to “The Girl of Your Dreams,” 1998.)

España insólita 1965

"España insólita" is that different, unknown and humble Spain that does not appear on postcards or tourist itineraries. Aguirre embarked on a trip to the most remote villages of the country to witness the existence of a legend, an ancient custom, an unknown dance.

Good Night, Spain 2011

In another lifetime, a Spanish couple takes drugs and teleports through their television set. A troubled young man travels through the countryside and meets a lost woman. During the trip, they discover a museum housing the expatriated paintings of the most important Filipino artist of the revolution. Eventually, the Spanish couple disappears toward their colony. Inspired by one of the earliest teleportation accounts, which happened between the Philippines and Mexico during the colonial period.

España 1936 1937

A Spanish documentary from Jean-Paul Le Chanois & Luis Buñuel made during the Spanish Civil War.

Kawa 2010

Kawariki must become the leader of the family after his father retires in this intimate drama. A husband and father, he realizes that in order to lead with integrity, he must come out and be honest about his own life, even though it will test the boundaries of acceptance and unconditional love. Offering valuable insights into Maori traditions, family ideals and cultural values, this feature debut is rich and textured with emotional layers and stunning New Zealand landscapes. Written by Websurfer (

Spain Again 1969

David (Mark Stevens) is a physician who returns to Spain 30 years after his involvement in the Spanish Civil War. Now a member of a medical convention, he looks up old friends and finds his former lover, now a married woman with a flamenco-dancing daughter. He and the daughter (Manuela Vargas) have an immediate and mutual attraction to each other. He considers running away with the exotic beauty before asking his wife to join him for an extended vacation after the convention .

Primavera rosa en España

Being young and LGBTI is not easy in Spain. Despite being one of the best countries to be LGBTI, they continue to suffer harassment in educational centers by their peers. The ignorance of the real problems of these children only increases their suffering.

Histeria de España 2018

A collective effort about the recent history of Spain. A distorting mirror, a radiography, a rotten but exquisite corpse: the blood, the sweat, the dandruff of a country in the shape of a large and extended bull skin. A parade of freaks. The ridiculous independence of the upstairs neighbor, the sovereignty demanded by an insane parrot prisoner in its open cage. Football, potato omelette, kings and safaris. Things not to do again. Guerrilla cinema. Hysteria of Spain.

Amanecer sobre España 1938

Short documentary made from archive images from the Spanish Civil War: Social problems, the making of weapons, the syndicates CNT and UGT, the history of Spain... and even a bullfight by Rafael 'El Gallo'.

MasterChef 2013

MasterChef is a Spanish competitive reality television cooking show based on the British television cooking game show of the same title.

MasterChef Junior 2013

A Spanish competitive reality television cooking show based on the British television cooking game show of the same title.

MasterChef Celebrity 2016

Spanish version of the reality cooking competition in which celebrities compete to win the coveted cookery competition title.

Tour of Spain

The Vuelta a España (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈbwelta a esˈpaɲa]; English: Tour of Spain) is an annual multiple stage bicycle race primarily held in Spain, while also occasionally making passes through nearby countries. Inspired by the success of the Giro d'Italia and the Tour de France, the race was first organized in 1935.

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