68 Kill 2017

Chip's problem is that he can't say no to beautiful women. This weakness gets him into a world of trouble when he agrees to help his girlfriend steal $68,000.

The Elusive Summer of '68 1984

For the young man who lives in Serbian province town, the maturing coincides with the turbulent political events of the year 1968.

Born in 68 2008

Paris, 1968. Catherine, Yves and Hervé are twenty years old. They're students and they love each other. The May student uprisings radically change their lives. Overtaken by communal utopia, they leave the city with a few friends to set up house in an abandoned farm in the Lot region. A desire for freedom and the search for individual fulfillment lead them to make choices that cause more harm than good.

Case 68 1968

Directed by Salah Abouseif.

Elvis Presley – ’68 Comeback 1968

Opening Production Number: 1. Trouble/Guitar Man 2. That’s All Right 3. Baby, What You Want Me To Do 4. Medley: Heartbreak Hotel Hound Dog All Shook Up 6. Can’t Help Falling in Love 7. Jailhouse Rock 8. Don’t Be Cruel 9. Blue Suede Shoes 10. Love Me Tender 11. Baby What You Want Me To Do – Impromptu jam. Gospel Production Number: 12. Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child 13. Where Could I Go But To The Lord 14. Up Above My Head 15. Saved 16. Lawdy, Miss Clawdy 17. Are You Lonesome Tonight? 18. Trying To Get To You 19. Tiger Man 20. When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again 21. One Night 22. Memories Guitar Man Production Number: 23. Nothingville 24. Guitar Man 25. Let Yourself Go 26. Guitar Man 27. Big Boss Man 28. It Hurts Me 29. Guitar Man 30. Little Egypt 31. Trouble 32. Guitar Man Finale: 33. If I Can Dream Bonus features: Having Fun With Elvis In Burbank Funny moments from throughout the production of the ’68 Special

'68 1988

'68 covers exactly one year (January 1st through December 31st) in the lives of Zoltan Szabo and his family, Hungarian immigrants, working hard to make a life in San Francisco in 1968. The Szabos tries to adjust to the new country, changing times and each other. The year covered was one of particular cultural change in the US and this interplays with the cultural changes occurring around Zoltan, his wife and his two college-age sons. The younger of his two sons is gay and struggling with coming out. His dad disowns him when he finally does.

Generation of 68' 2016

With his film Generation '68, the author makes a homage to the generation with which he shares his youthful enthusiasm and the idea about a revolution that will change the world, while being "realistic and demanding the impossible". At the same time he questions the true impact of these changes on social and - probably more important - private level. Having ideas is easy; making them look credible to the generations that follow is somewhat more difficult. By rejecting the ideals of the 1968 as unworkable, the new generations are coming up with some of their own, maybe even more unrealistic ones...

68 2008

From Washington to Saigon, Rome to Mexico, Paris to Prague, a wave of protests shook the world. 68 looks back at the looks back at the Vietnam War, the Prague Spring and the Soviet Invasion, the Paris riots, Dubcek, Che Guevara, De Gaulle, Cohn-Bendrik and more. A dive into the chaos of a turbulent year, featuring fantastic colour footage and the music of Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrisson and Bob Dylan.

68 Pages 2007

Coming from a country like India that is still in denial, where being HIV+ is still a curse, '68 Pages' rips open the underbelly of its society to reveal how it stigmatizes and shuns those who are HIV+ or even those who just want to be what they are. Through 68 Pages of a counselors diary, we see the stories of Paayal, a sex worker; Nishit, an ID user; Kiran, a gay man and Umrao, a transsexual bar dancer - their stories of pain and fear, humiliation and rejection - not only by the society, but even by their loved ones.

Unit 68 2018

Young Mack encounters an extraordinary supernatural experience with a mysterious ambulance that changes his life forever.

Novios 68 1967

Comedy that chronicles the ups and downs in dating of several people in Spain in 1968.

Elvis '68 Comeback Special Edition 2004

Featuring all the material shot for Elvis Presley's 1968 television special, including the two complete jam session concerts and the two complete solo concerts, which have never been released in their entirety All takes of the material shot for the original broadcast's two big production numbers and for the show's opening and closing segments Includes the original broadcast version of the special Newly remastered sound and picture

Tlatelolco, Summer of 68' 2013

As Mexico prepares to host the 1968 Olympics, students and civilians are uniting on the streets to protest the authoritarian government. Tensions are running high and the eyes of the world are on Mexico and President Gustavo Diaz Ordaz. Ana Maria, a student photographer and daughter of a high-ranking official, finds herself embroiled in the movement and is swept off her feet by Félix, a working-class architecture student. This film remembers the events that led to one of the darkest chapters in Mexico’s recent history: the massacre at Tlatelolco, 10 days before the opening of the Olympic Games.

Elvis - '68 Comeback

In the summer of 1968, Elvis Presley, searching for a way to redefine his career, taped a TV special that proved he still had the talent that made him one of the most popular and groundbreaking artists of the 20th century. Disc 1 This disc includes the original television special from 1968.

Mai 68 1974

A montage film that begins in May 1, 68 and ends in mid-June. Everything is there: the students of Nanterre in revolt, the demonstrations, the cobbles, the barricades, the rioting nights, the busy Sorbonne, the happening of the Odeon, the factories on strike and Séguy who gets on the bandwagon , the general protest, 10 million French without work, de Gaulle and The reform, yes, the doglit, no, the Gaullist demonstration of May 30, Grenelle, the death of a high school student, the offensive Pompidou and the return in the factories.

Code 68 2005

Anne Buridan is about thirty years old and likes challenges. Her last challenge is to make a movie on May 68. It's a challenge, not only because she will be forced to face a story that is not hers, but specially because her new boyfriend, Blaise, doesn't understand this idea, even more, he hates people that have participated at this event. Anne Buridan is a methodical person and even a bit obsessive. Nothing and nobody will make her turn away from her project. She starts to meet people that were figures of that period. She will start, evidently, with a woman, Marianne, who speaks amongst others, of Jean-Pierre Lucciani. The name is not unknown to her because it's the same as Blaise's. She will go see him right away. Jean-Pierre is Blaise's father alright. She goes back home and keeps the secret from Blaise. Anne Buridan just lost, without knowing it, control over this situation.

Ruta 68 2017

Stephy suffers a serious car accident from which she awakens disoriented. As time progresses, Stephy gradually begins to remember why she is there. The vulnerable mental state of her began to clarifies itself

68 Whiskey

A dark comedy following a multicultural mix of men and women deployed as Army medics to a forward operating base in Afghanistan nicknamed “The Orphanage.” Together, they endure a dangerous and Kafkaesque world that leads to self-destructive appetites, outrageous behavior, intense camaraderie and occasionally, a profound sense of purpose.

The Wonder Years 1988

The Wonder Years tells the story of Kevin Arnold (Fred Savage) facing the trials and tribulations of youth while growing up during the 1960s and 70s. Told through narration from an adult Kevin (Daniel Stern), Kevin faces the difficulties of maintaining relationships and friendships on his enthralling journey into adulthood.

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