Nagisa 2017

A boy and a girl. They’re classmates. Their poolside conversations during swimming class linger in the boy's memories. The boy recalls their conversations one by one. This is a story about a boy and a time in his life that he will never forget.


19-year-old Mikko works as a summer guard in a remote Finnish prison. Spending three months in a closed facility with convicts challenges his views on human dignity.


Ctrl+Alt+Dance is about Colin, a risk-averse computer tech, who falls for happy-go-lucky jazz dancer Jillian but is in danger of losing it all when a disgruntled hacker threatens to expose a hidden secret.

Capitão Brasil 2017

When chaos takes over the streets, the life of a ten-year-old boy begins to crumble. It is at the moment when the desperation is based that Captain Brazil finds space.

I Slept With Joey Ramone

Young Jeffrey Hyman from Forest Hills, Queens becomes a rock force to be reckoned with after leaving a group called Sniper in 1974 and then joining three other musicians to form a new band, The Ramones.

Kiiroi fudo 1961

Based on the mystery novel of the same name by Seichō Matsumoto.

Skylab IX - Ao Vivo 2009

The first feature-lenght live performance by Rogério Skylab released in video, Skylab IX chronicles the pinnacle of Skylab's career in a gig that goes through some of his most famous songs. Recorded in September 2008 at Centro Cultural São Paulo. Featuring guest appearances by Maurício Pereira, Marcelo Birck and Löis Lancaster.

Beau Bandit 1930

Scripted by Wallace Smith from his own story published in "Hearst's International Cosmopolitain Magazine,", Mexican-bandit Montero and his deaf-mute sidekick, Coloso, are being pursued through the sand-dunes of southern Arizona by lawman "Bob-Cat" Manners and his posse. Montero has intentions of robbing the bank owned by skinflint Lucius Perkins, but is sidetracked by the attractions of singing-teacher Helen Wardell. He learns that Perkins has marital designs on Helen and holds the mortgage on her ranch. But Helen is in love with Bill Howard. Perkins offers Montero money to kill his rival, but Montero fakes the murder. Prepared for a double-cross of his own double-cross, Montero takes the sheriff's posse prisoners, collects the offered blood-money from Perkins, and then forces Perkins, as the local justice-of-the-peace to perform a wedding ceremony for Helen and Howard.

Beyond Torture: The Gulag of Pitesti, Romania 2007

When you said, 'I still believe in God,' in five minutes you were full of blood. - Roman Braga Many of us died, many of us became mad, but in some of us the good triumphed. - George Calciu These chilling words from two survivors of a brainwashing prison in Pitesti, Romania are sad reminders of the legacy of Stalinist communism. Beyond Torture: The Gulag of Pitesti, Romania documents the persecution of Romanians under the communist regime. Electrical shock, hallucinogenic drugs, near starvation and fatal beatings were daily rituals in the prison of Pitesti, Romania. But this sadistic story goes beyond torture: this was an attempt to totally destroy a people's culture and faith.

The Two Dollar Bill Documentary

Everyone has had a two dollar bill before, right? Most people believe they're out of print, good or bad luck, or are a rare commodity. But in this comprehensive documentary, all aspects of the "deuce" are explored - from its history to the many superstitions surrounding it; from its use by special interest groups to the way it's perceived by consumers and vendors. The film even looks at the bill's popularity at adult establishments, its visits to outer space and the subculture of users that cherish the bill. Take a fun and entertaining journey that will open your eyes about a truly unique piece of currency.

Magical Mom

Daiki just wants to fit in at school, but his magical girl mother might ruin everything for him by bursting in on Career Day. Will the power of love hold strong amidst family tensions???

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