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Jane Bonda's Bizarre Workout

Jane Bonda's Bizarre Workout
How can you call a bondage film "cute?" Don't all of those whips and chains hurt? I guess they do, sometimes, but what we have here is a real first: a dominatrix with a good sense of humor. This neat, little parody has all of the spikes, leather, plastic balls in the mouth, collars and whips you'd ever want —yet it has the ability to make us laugh, easing our way into at some bizarre fetishes. When Pia Sands says, "let's do the workout," we're amazed at the fact that she not only is satirizing Jane Fonda, but she looks and sounds like her too. All during Jane Bonda's Bizarre Workout, which is shot-on-video, we get plenty of little digs at the best-selling tape (Jane Fonda's Workout). Featured here are all the standard bondage fare, including and elaborate penis device that locks it all in place, a bondage bicycle, dietary disciplinary action and even a burning.
Title Jane Bonda's Bizarre Workout
Release Date 1984-01-01
Genres Comedy
Production Companies Unknown
Production Countries


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