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Jaws: The Revenge

This time, it’s personal.
Jaws: The Revenge
After another deadly shark attack, Ellen Brody decides she has had enough of New England's Amity Island and moves to the Caribbean to join her son, Michael, and his family. But a great white shark has followed her there, hungry for more lives.
Title Jaws: The Revenge
Release Date 1987-07-17
Genres Adventure Thriller
Production Companies Universal Pictures
Production Countries United States of America


Potential Kermode
**The shark was clearly a Michael Caine fan** Somehow, the shark knew that Michael Caine was flying the plane to the Bahamas and simply had to follow his idol. Either that or he simply wanted Caine dead in retaliation for _Beyond The Poseidon Adventure_. This film is well made and the performances are pretty good but the whole thing is silly beyond repair. Was the shark psychic? Was Ellen Brody psychic? Was the log that Sean Brody was clinging onto whilst being eaten psychic? Who cares? Perhaps the shark in the Bahamas was a different shark? Perhaps the Brody's had a shark for each day of the week? Perhaps the whole thing was a dream - surely the most logical explanation. However, I do not want to bail out the film makers on this one. _They are guilty as charged. Case dismissed._ - Potential Kermode

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