Honor Up

Honor Up
The film -- executive produced by rapper Kanye West -- follows character OG, played by Damon Dash, in a saga that flips between his dedication to his family and honoring his street code all at the same time.


Mostly talked about because of 2 reasons, the 1st one is that Kanye West is named as a executive producer of the film. But I don't think he had anything to do with the actual making of the film, executive producer is not the same as a producer. 9 times out of 10 all an exectutive producer does is help with funding the film. Which I can see Kanye doing solely because of loyalty to Damon Dash who was the man who made him a star (and because Dash's finances has gone downhill and he felt bad). The 2nd reason is the fact that Stacey Dash (Damon Dash's cousin) have made statements that Damon Dash (the director and star of the film) was not allowed to use her name to sell the film (which he of course did anyway). She's only in it for a quick cameo but the movie advertised her as being a signifant character in the film (she's definitly not). Not the first time Damon Dash made that move with her, PAPER SOLDIERS also had her all over the poster etc even though she was only in it for about 9 minutes (which still is 7 and a half more minutes than she is in this one). Anyway enough about that, the actual movie is very much in the same line as the STATE PROPERTY movies but with even less plot. Gritty and unapologetical it plays almost more like a rulebook for those who wish to lead the life of crime than an actual movie at times, with tons of 'words of wisdom' (it's intended as such at least) in voiceover of why though shalt not snitch and why murder is sometimes a necessity etc when you're 'in the life'. Damon Dash has the lead (of sorts, I say of sorts because as the movie goes on his role is less and less significant to the story which is a unique way to tell a story I suppose) but the leadroles are kind of fluid tbh, one minute all focus can be on one guy and what he's doing to elevate his power in the game and then it switches to someone else. It's kind of messy really. There is a crew in the film which is refered to as being 'young and wild' one of which is played by rapper Cam'ron which is an interesting casting choice being that he passed 40 a couple years ago and the other people in his crew are close to the same age as well. Anyway the first STATE PROPERTY I recall being said that it glorified murder, partly because while the murders were pictured on screen they'd play rap-music well in this film they stay way clear of that, instead in every murder scene they play classical or opera music. I lost count how many slowmotion classic music/opera music murder scenes there was in this but there's alot. Anyway, while I was ocassionally entertained by the film it's not particulary good and it severly lacks in all aspects of filmmaking.

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