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Miss Meadows

She doesn't play well with others.
Miss Meadows
Miss Meadows is a school teacher with impeccable manners and grace. However, underneath the candy-sweet exterior hides a ruthless gun-toting vigilante who takes it upon herself to right the wrongs in the world by whatever means necessary. For Miss Meadows, bad behavior is simply unforgivable.


**Never fear... Miss Meadows is here.** This is not the film everybody was expecting. But not bad to try after coming to know it. It is a black comedy, about a young single woman, a substitute elementary school teacher who moved to a new neighbourhood. She has no limit for her imaginations. Her world was full of wondrous, but there's a little dark secret too. Later, when she comes to face a big hurdle, how she's going to handle her new boyfriend who is a cop and from there where it heads was revealed. It was a Katie Holmes' show. It was a short film, but she was always there, the camera always with her. I'm seeing her film after a long time. She looks a bit old for this role, but worked well. The supporting cast was okay though. That little girl from 'Girl Meets World, Ava, was good. The film looks okay for all ages, but slightly violent with killing and other crime exposing scenes. Especially it is not for young kids, despite the film theme looks a bit magical. So it should be PG13. A decent writing and direction. The whole film was shot within two and half weeks. Because the story was simple, that takes place in the limited enclosures. So the experience of watching it was like a television film, but it is not. You might have seen some of the similar films, but still it is worth a watch. Not deliberately going for it, though when you ran out of the options. _6/10_

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