5 to 7

Loving someone... at the right time.
5 to 7
A young writer begins an affair with an older woman from France whose open marriage to a diplomat dictates that they can meet only between the hours of 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.


> It's a right place at a right time, but the person? Is this based on any famous book? The answer is simply no. Purely a cinematic work written and directed by a first timer. One of the very unique storyline and one of the beautiful indie films of the 2015 that needs wider recognition. The first thing anyone who decides to watch this must keep their mind open, because the majority would think it is an atheist propaganda. But I say it looks in whatever way you see it. Quite similar to the British film 'The 7.39'. Both are completely different from each other, except that timeline where most of the story happens as it is denoted in their titles. Yes, 5 to 7 is the time in the dusk hours where two people meet. It all begins when a young writer Brian in his early twenties meets a woman called Arielle in her early thirties on a roadside and instantly they become friends. Like it's their destiny to meet, they found each other. After the initial stumble, they decide to meet every day at the same time. Their new relationship is not based on the thousands of years of the human civilization, but beyond that with the mutuals understanding. When the rules have broken, the cracks begin to appear and it all ends after a series of turns in the tale. Predictable conclusion, but very much suitable and highly standard. > "Life is a collection of moments. > The idea is to have as many good ones as you can." Like most of the movies this one opened with a background narration about the situation of the man of the movie. Like how it all began, then in the first 15 minutes itself, there are many tiny twists on the line of development of the story carried on and introduces a few other characters along. But keeps the tidiness on one relationship throughout the movie and explores only a certain kind of atmosphere to focus everything on a single line. If you don't believe in religion means not this is a celebratable movie for you or anyone who are like you. The contents were very sensitive, even for the atheists. It was a lot like the hippie culture, but only on the matter of the relationship, especially 'One life-One wife' angle. In some angles, it gives the assumption that it is a clash of two cultures. But I don't think that's a true, especially in the French perspective as the story takes place in NYC. The movie is a debatable, but if you take the movie 'Hall Pass' on the account, this film's concept is not that apart. I have heard that in the rural China, the brothers marrying a same woman due to large gender imbalance in the country after one-child policy set by the communist party. So this is not a strange thing, at least for a few people. This film might be accepted merely on a certain the section of the audience, but it's only a matter of time to adapt and accepted by a large number. I don't know about the prostitutions, but definitely it will abolish cheating within the marriage. > "I think that there are two forces on earth you never want to be fighting. > One is mother nature. The other is love." It had a plenty of awesome lines. You know I collect the good ones from the movies I watch, so I had many pauses. It sentimentally strikes strongly, that means you can't wet your eyes, but can be felt in your deep heart. So romantically appealing beside the theme is uncomfortable for the current social lifestyle. The film is not about what's right and what's wrong, but giving commitment to the oath one has taken. Not to hurt anybody, even though you hurt by yourself from making a mistake. But again, it's not either about mistakes, but respecting the individual's desire for what they think is keeping them happy. If you exclude religion from the social rule book, this film might make sense. I think this could be the film, the more it gets old and the future generation will think one of the advanced work regarding the lifestyle of that time. Maybe this is an Anton Yelchin's best movie I have ever seen. Phenomenal performance along with the French actress who was so beautiful, especially her smiley expressions were what set a mood for the movie. Very handy supporting cameos by a couple of senior artists. I wanted Alivia Thirlby to stay longer, but she was another cameo like supporting character. Anyway, good to see her after a long time, though 'Dredd' came just a couple of years ago. Like I mentioned, people see it with their own perspective on what they believe in. Does not matter what you believe in, but all I'm saying is it is a wonderful movie, so please keep aside your differences and watch it. Youngsters might show more interest in this than the old people, mainly, because in the last 50 years cultural lifestyle took a long leap forward by modernising and free to express. There won't be any issue if you consider it a simple, but the atypical entertainment movie like hundred of others. Remember, it is a dark comedy as well, so often it filled with some fun scenes. I felt it was almost a masterpiece, but the fact is it is not, for being a non-traditional romantic drama is the reason behind to my consideration. Still, it is a must see film and I won't refuse that. 9/10

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