Engineer Kochin's Error 1939

Engineer-designer of the Moscow aviation plant Cochin took the secret blueprints home. He didn't know that foreign intelligence had long been hunting for these blueprints...

Dangerous Lady 1941

Private detective 'Duke' Martindale and his wife, Phyllis, an attorney, are working together to clear a girl falsely convicted of murdering a judge. Two people who know the truth are killed and 'Duke' Is shot at. Despite some interference by Police-Sergeant Brent, and a dangerous automobile chase and 'Duke' and Phyllis finding themselves prisoners of the real murderers, the case is solved.

Run, Psycho, Run 1968

A man and his wife are on holiday on the Cornish coast in 1910. When his wife is murdered they put out to find a young woman who looks just like her, to keep her memory alive.

The Studio Murder Mystery 1929

Philandering actor Richard Hardell is murdered at a movie studio. His jealous wife Blanche, his director Rupert Borka, and a girl he mistreated, Helen MacDonald, all have substantial reasons for having wanted him dead.

Murder In Harlem 1935

A black night watchman at a chemical factory finds the body of a murdered white woman. After he reports it, he finds himself accused of the murder.

La Pied qui étreint 1916

The famous scientific detective Justin Crécelle and his faithful assistant Walter Jymson seek to halt the deeds of the "Clutching Foot" gang, who attempt to kidnap Hélène, the fiancée of Justin, in both possible and ridiculous ways. The film is a spoof of the Les Vampires serials, with Musidora appearing in one episode in costume.

The Night of the Party 1935

A major newspaper publisher dies in suspicious circumstances during a parlour game at a dinner party. The publishers secretary is the obvious suspect, but the Inspector isn't so sure ...

The Verdict 1964

A racketeer, deported back from America, faces murder charge and hatches jury rigging plot with accomplice. Cross and double-cross follow.

Feedback 1978

Low budget drama centering on unscrupulous political Machiavellians in the Soviet Union.

It's Not Her Sin 1959

After the man who nearly killed her is brought to trial, Eun-hie finds that she must take the stand to give evidence. However, the defense attempts to turn the tables on her by revealing her sordid past and trying to make it seem as if she deserved what happened to her.

Project 1986

High school psychology students accidentally summon the ghost of a young newleywed from 1938 and must locate her husband, who is still alive.

Retorno a la juventud 1954

An old professor in love with one of his students is rejected by her because of his advanced age. He then sells his soul in return for youth and a chance at love but things don't go as he planned.

Sweethearts and Wives 1930

An aristocrat tries to prevent her sister's divorce by attempting to recover a diamond necklace, which is being used as incriminating evidence against her.