Mitgift 1976

Edgar Burgman, after collaborating to assassinate the elder senator husband of Alice Young, the wife remarried. The woman, after a short period, doubts of love Edgar and convinces more and more that, having married out of interest, now wants to eliminate the possession of his great assets.

Frankie Machine

Frank Machianno, aka Frankie Machine, is pulled back into a criminal life he already retired from when he finds himself caught in a double-cross between two rival syndicates.

A Man Who Liked Funerals 1989

Filip lives in the small town of Samobor, which is near Zagreb. He works in the local library as a librarian. Even though he moved to the small town many years ago, he still misses the bustle of life in Zagreb. However, his boring routine is interrupted by the arrival of a new library manager, the pretty Elza. Soon, however, a series of strange deaths happen.

A Luxury Crime 1991

Pontius Branco was a climber of the economy, climbed by money like Mount Everest. aggressive businessman. His wife Bernarda felt betrayed. He replaced her for the orgies between the purchase intervals, sells and deceives. Here comes the train from 15:30 to Lisbon a coming emigrant from France with a five year old daughter in her arms and attacks Pontius in his stronghold, demanding recognition of the daughter of sin, Libertina that he had made her "bidonville» on the city of light. Bernarda hires a private detective to obtain evidence of Pontius's adultery with a curvaceous blonde, whose dream was to own butchers, fishmongers and vegetable places in a shopping center. Pontius who all deceived and this triangle (not Bermuda), weaves the web and bore's the head of the entrepreneur. A perfect luxury crime puts the police overtime. Time passes and only after the Seventh Day Mass is brought to light when the sky was given the eclipse of the moon ...

Chase 1985

A big-city lawyer (Jennifer O'Neill) returns to her small hometown after her father's death to resume his practice. There she is called upon to defend a migrant worker who has been accused of murder.

There Are No Strangers Here 1985

Young police lieutenant Kozrev investigates robbery from fish kolhoz. Suspect is criminal Chuma who hiding himself in the forest.

Crime at the Little Star Pension 1990

Neves and his wife Celia are the owners and managers of the 'Little Star Pension', a familiar hotel that caters to bourgeois family and would-be actors, instead of the ill-reputed 'Good-Night Pension' (just across the narrow street), where gigolos, whores, and criminals of all sorts may go for a quick encounter. However, not all is well among the ten residents of 'Little Star Pension': each dialogue line from every hotel guest is evidence that he, or her, has a reason (actually, more than one) to hate Neves - to the point of wishing him dead. Carelessness (or devious intention) by one party will provide the means; another, will create the propitious moment; yet another, and then the rest of them will create the festive New Year's Eve occasion - to do with Neves forever! Obviously, only the famous world private-eye Hércules Pirôt can solve the crime... for which he is called by phone, even before the deed is done.

Musica Nocturna 1988

Ramiro is a ringleader of a gang of drug traffickers that in order to introduce a new drug, called Night Music (Música Nocturna), must eliminate Aurelio, the biggest drug lord. To implement his plan, he use his friend Daniel has bait who has a close friendship with Aurelio. Ramiro succeeds, murders Aurelio and proposes Daniel to participate in the drug business.