The Same Terrible Night 1989

A teenager begins to suspect his next door neighbor is actually a vampire in this Indian rip-off of Fright Night.

The Twin

Family moves to the Japanese countryside in search of redemption after one of their twins is killed in a car accident.

Free Kitchen

The story is of a quirky mother and son who live in a modern Japanese, urban setting. The mother Kyoko has been long feeding human meat to her introverted teenage son, Mitsuo, who can now tell the sex and nationality of the meat he is eating. One day at the supermarket, Kyoko finds herself picking up the wallet of another housewife, Kanno. Kanno urges Kyoko to accept a token of gratitude but Kyoko declines. Kanno finds the stubborn refusal disturbing.

The Man in the Mask

Father loses his loved ones and is locked away for crimes he didn't commit. With time running out, he has to escape, clear his name and get his family back.

Steps From Hell 1991

An immortal psychopath, a transvestite zombie and a homicidal nymphomaniac go on an all out blood drenched killing spree to release from hell a demonic beast who will grant them ultimate power.

Spooky Kitaro: The All Seeing Eye 1980

Yasui is the president of a large company. After the war, he wandered into the world of evil spirits, where he obtained a hidden treasure "Geomancer's Eye". With the magical power of this treasure Yasui received enormous wealth. But the great miracles have a great price... A retelling of episode 37 from the 1971 TV anime.

The Gruesome Twosome 1989

Deep in the woods four friends arrive at Mr. Pringles hotel for an overnight stay. Mr. Pringles and his son have a fondness though for turning their guests into gruesome pieces of art...


With the age of Reality Shows, one in particular offers the chance of fame and fortune for twelve ex-reality TV Stars. But at what cost, is fifteen minutes of fame worth more than their lives?


The sheriff of a small southern town struggles to keep it's occupants safe when a masked maniac begins taking lives.

Sound from the Deep

An international research group is searching natural resources from the Arctic Ocean. They pick up a strange underwater sound from far north, and start to follow it to the uncharted waters.


A woman experiences strange visions whilst listening to an old record in her attic.

Grave Images 1991

Anthology suspense / horror film with the creepy caretaker of a cemetery introducing some of its occupants and how each was murdered. Segments include "Made for Each Other," "Art Lover," "Whodunit to Whom" and "Avid Readers."