Pituitary Hunter 1984

Someone's on a pituitary gland binge. Pituitary glands first go missing from corpses and the criminal theft escalates to living people..

The Blacksmith 1980

Panday is a blacksmith whose real name is Flavio. When a meteor fell from the sky one night, he forged the metal from the meteor into a dagger, the balaraw. When he raises the dagger to the sky, it magically grows into a sword. He uses this magical sword to fight the evil Lizardo and other supernatural beings.

The Bloody Monks 1988

When the townspeople of a small Mexican village start disappearing, the locals point the suspicion at two young visitors. The only solution is for the two to unearth the legend of a madman in this supernatural thriller.

Credit Devil 1982

When they're not romancing their girls, the Warkop comedy trio forms a team to help people in need, which includes solving a child kidnapping case and finding themselves facing off against ghosts and the kuntilanak (the Indonesian version of a banshee).

Video Macumba 1991

Video compilation by Mike Patton featuring various shocking film clips such as coprophagia, BDSM, Budd Dwyer's suicide, a young boy drowning, Mr. Bungle's music video for “Travolta”, skits starring Mike Patton, and much, much more.

Bees Saal Baad 1988

An evil spirit plots to possess a young, newly-married woman by driving nails into her legs.

Intensive Care 1991

A deranged doctor gets in to a car accident and burns beyond recognition. Years later he awakes from his coma and stalks a young male nurse and his girlfriend, killing everyone along the way.

Tell Me Your Name

After a troubled childhood, Ashley searches for a connection, and unknowingly invites in a demonic force, which leaves her loved ones fighting for her soul.

Out for Blood 1990

Due to a witch's spell, a half-human / half-vampire (Tori Welles) can only become fully human if she finds true love.

Hallucinations 1986

Three brothers (one who is slow and another who is adopted) have disturbing and violent hallucinations while their mother is at work.

Presage 1970

Berta, a woman with paranormal powers, begins working with a psychiatrist to unravel the mysterious murder of a woman named Renata.

Chased by Sins 1974

Three thugs rape a young woman named Yayah in a shack. Immediately afterward, she gets raped by her own boyfriend who's aroused by her naked body. And then her mom dies. And then she loses her job. And then she finds out she's pregnant by one of her rapists. Needless to say, Yayah loses it, goes on a rampage and then has to be put down. However, her vengeful spirit lives on.

The Haunted House 1981

Gunawan moves his troubled family (including an adulterous wife) into a new Dutch home that comes complete with a hidden treasure and ghosts.

Ghoulish Ghost Mother 1990

A young woman and her undead mother (who's actually a "Phi Pop" ghost) take on some greedy real estate developers who will stop at nothing to get their land. There's death, an exorcism, a possession and some tasteless comedy in this low-budget B movie.