The Dog That Cried Wolf 1953

A sheep rancher entrusts his goofy sheepdog Dizzy to guard his herd one night. The dog is told to blow a whistle when he sees a wolf, but he spends his time fooling his master by "crying wolf," and he proceeds to blow the whistle for no reason other than to excite the farmer. The fun begins when a real wolf shows up to steal the flock after Dizzy has worn out his warning. Taken from the "Boy Who Cried Wolf" story.

Fairyland Follies 1931

In the country of the Mother Goose tales, the students in the classes are very unruly, but always finish their lessons with music.

Merry Mutineers 1936

Two little boys "battle" their toy pirate ships in a pool. The crews of both sea vessels are made of caricatures of such 30's era stars as Charles Laughton (as Captain Bligh), the Three Stooges, Wallace Beery, Jimmy Durante, Laurel & Hardy, and the Marx Brothers.

The Helicopter 1944

The tiny toy helicopter which all the little mice didn't think was worth bother with, comes to the rescue of a mouse that has been trapped by the cat. The helicopter saves the day and becomes a mouse-hero icon.

The Champion of Justice 1944

A Terrytoons cartoon released 17 March 1944. An elderly couple (human, not animal) dies, leaving their substantial estate to their mice, who had befriended them. A distant nephew, Willy the Spender, is outraged, and he takes the mice to court in an effort to destroy them! The judge decides in favor of the mice. This really whizzes off Willy the Spender, and he goes after the mice! Can Mighty Mouse save them in time?

The Two Barbers 1944

A Terrytoons cartoon released 1 September 1944. All is peaceful and quiet in the town of Terrytown. There's a butcher, a baker and a candlestick maker. The town also happily supports two barber shops, a big one for men and a little one under the floor for mice. All is cheerful until the appearance of a very mean, hungry old cat with big teeth and sharp claws! When one of the mice clips his whiskers, the cat runs back to the alley and gets more cats to come with him to clean out Terrytown. All looks doomed. The battles are furious. The mice are losing. Then a call goes out for the Champion of Justice. Mighty Mouse bounds to the rescue.

Fisherman's Luck 1945

Opening with a few painful punful examples of various types of fish...a sunfish 'sets' and a starfish 'comes out', Gandy Goose and his pal go deep-sea fishing with the intent to land one of the denizens of the deep, with no luck until a whale appears.

Smoky Joe 1945

A Terrytoons cartoon released 25 May 1945. A faithful horse retires as the method of getting to a fire and is replaced by a fire engine. Of course, when the big fire breaks out, the fire engine breaks down and Joe comes to the rescue!

Dr. Macintyre's X-Ray Cabinet 1909

Single shot of a man behind an x-ray screen on which his x-ray is clearly visible and moving. Another man sits on a chair to the right of the screen. The x-ray image that appears on screen is same as seen in last sequence Dr. Macintyre's X-Ray Film. (

Fifty Million Years Ago 1925

A German animated film about dinosaurs that was repackaged in the United States during the Scopes Monkey Trial. The opening scenes depicting the formation of the earth, and early marine life, employ such simple means of simulating movement as a moving camera and sliding cels and overlays. One primal, insect-like creature is pictured by means of an elaborate jointed cutout, its legs and antennae manipulated frame by frame—a technique favored by some early animators. Most of the creatures in this film pose sedately before painted backdrops or simple settings; the effect is that of museum dioramas come to life.