Tank Patrol 1941

Made in 1941, this stirring Ministry of Information dramatisation tells the story of a Crusader tank crew trapped behind enemy lines in the Desert. With no intercom, a wounded crewman and little fuel, they must fight their way through an Italian column to freedom.

Bolibar 1928

Hessian officers' flirtations with an artist's daughter accidentally give signals to the attacking English.

Wounded in the Forest 1964

While hiding from the Germans in the forest, young Polish corporal tries hard to fulfill his order to take care of a wounded lieutenant and wait for the doctor and transportation to come.

Break the Darkness Before Dawn 1956

About May 1942, the Japanese elite mobilized thousands of troops to bases in central Hebei. A platoon of army troops were ordered to cover the transfer, the platoon leader was seriously injured. Yan Zhigang Li met his aunt and was saved. He led the soldiers with Qingsha Zhang, to fight the enemy , remove and destroy the enemy's guard towers and to break their cruelty.

Dubrovnik Twilight 1999

Destinies of few people from Dubrovnik, as well as Croatian fighters against Yugoslav People's Army in the battle of Srdj, mountain behind the town's walls.

Assignment Dragon No. 3 1967

In late 1940 the Japanese were anxious to conclude peace in China and to that end sent Colonel Hidaka to inaugurate negotiations. He was mysteriously assassinated, however, when his car was blown up. The General Staff Headquarters in Japan, sends Lieutenant Shiina, a graduate of the famed Nakano School of Spies inaugurated by Colonel Kusanagi, to investigate the matter. Arriving in Shanghai, he disguises himself as a Chinese coolie and sets out to watch for developments, the only clue being a silver dollar found beside what was left of the victim.

Assignment Cloud 1966

A sequel to the popular "The School of Spies", this film continues the adventures of one of the graduates who is assigned to crack a powerful spy ring working out of Kobe. Various people are suspected but, finally, it seems that an Army captain and his geisha friend might lead them to the ring.