Amanecer ranchero 1942

The old massa dies and his son comes home to take over the hacienda. Things are going to be a whole lot different now; he's overturning all the old social order. A-a-and...

The Deputy Drummer 1935

Posing as an aristocrat to crash a party, a composer stumbles upon a gang of jewel thieves working unnoticed upstairs.

Lady Be Careful 1936

Previously filmed in 1930 as True to the Navy, Kenyon Nicholson's old stage farce Sailor Beware returned to the screen in 1936 as Lady Be Careful. The plot remains substantially the same, as an amorous sailor named Dynamite (Lew Ayres) bets his pals that he can "thaw" icy beauty-contest winner Billie (Mary Carlisle). What follows is a series of misunderstandings, arguments and reconciliations, all wrapped up in a happy-ever-after conclusion.

The Music Makers 1929

A man hides inside a giant phonograph machine and imitates various recording artists for a pair of flappers.

Sasidharan 1950

Sashidharan, the graduate son of the landlord Panikker falls in love with Vilasini, the daughter of a poor widow Kalyani Amma . A crooked local newspaper editor and the lecherous city wastrel Rajasekharan form a tricky plot turning Panikker against his sons wish to marry Vilasini.

Ayúdeme usted compadre 1968

A select group of immortal Chilean songs, from folklore and pop, that show us the beauty and diversity of this country. A must-see for every Chilean, and for every music lover.

Rhythm Wranglers 1937

Ray Whitley and his Bar-Six musical cowboys apply for work at the Bar-X ranch. The owner refuses at first but gives in when his niece intercedes. When the owner of the Lazy Q hears the music, she steps foot on the Bar-X for the first time in years. Ray and the girl get the two owners together and they decide to marry and merge the ranches.

Halgato 1995

A tragedy looms for a young Gypsy violinist whose half brother is in the throes of first love.