When You're Smiling 1950

When You're Smiling is distinguished by the presence of several top recording artists of 1950. The wafer-thin plotline concerns the misadventures of Texan Gerald Durham (Jerome Courtland), who arrives in the Big City to learn the ropes of the music business. Durham not only ends up with a recording contract, but also wins heroine Peggy Martin (Lola Albright) in the bargain. So much for the story. The principal selling card of When You're Smiling consists of the guest-star turns by Frankie Laine, Bob Crosby, The Modernaires, The Mills Brothers, Kay Starr and Billy Daniels.

Deep Purple - Rises Over Japan 1985

Rises Over Japan is a concert film by the Mark IV of Deep Purple, directed by Tony Klinger and released in 1985. This Japanese film includes 5 songs from a concert at Budokan Hall on December 15th, 1975. The audio of the very same concert was released in an incomplete form as Last Concert in Japan in 1977 and the whole concert was issued in 2001 as This Time Around: Live in Tokyo. The footage was shot professionally with multiple cameras on 16mm film, despite this, for many years only very poor quality bootleg copies from an obscure Japanese VHS release circulated among fans and collectors. Finally, after over 35 years the concert was restored from the original 31 minute print and released as a feature on the Deep Purple: Phoenix Rising Blu-ray Disc in 2011, complete with the original stereo sound mix and a new 5.1 surround sound mix.

Chun Yi: The Legend of Kung Fu 2002

Thousands of years in a mysterious land called The Middle Kingdom, many legends were created. Martial arts was one of them, made famous by its name Kungfu. In an ancient temple we encounter a little boy. Through practicing Zen Buddhism and Kungfu, our little monk eventually grows and finally reaches the sacred goal of enlightenment.

We Await Your Victorious Return 1941

The first of what became a popular genre of wartime 'film-concerts', consisting of eight musical numbers, strung together by a loose plot. It shows soldiers leaving their village for the front; in their absence, the desolate but resolute young women of the village assume responsibility for the business of the farm

Show Kids 1935

During the Great Depression, vaudeville has fallen on hard times. The Palace Theater may have to close its doors, unless the proprietor, William Jenkins, does something different, so he allows his 12-year-old son to put on a kiddie show that packs the house.

Vaudeville Days 1942

A narrator provides very brief info on the beginnings and history of Vaudeville while Vaudeville acts are staged by impersonators and contemporary performers.

Smoky Mountain Melody 1948

Country-western favorite Roy Acuff and his Smoky Mountain Boys star in the Columbia musical western Smoky Mountain Melody. Not much happens plotwise: Acuff, playing "himself," is a tenderfoot who somehow manages to come out on top when he heads westward. The villains (who aren't all that villainous) try to promote a phony stock deal, but Roy and his pals foils their plans. The comedy honors go to Guinn "Big Boy" Williams as a blowhard sheriff. Smoky Mountain Melody was scripted by Barry Shipman, the son of pioneering female filmmaker Nell Shipman.

The Smashing Pumpkins: Night Prayers 1998

On this DVD you'll find two seperate and dinstinct performances, one at the peak of the original line-up in 1998 live in Brussels, the other featuring Corgan's latest formation since 2011 live in New York. Both shows display the intensity and quality of one of alt rock's best band!

The Smashing Pumpkins: Live at Vredenburg 2000 2000

Finally the Smashing Pumpkins made their way to Utrecht. A few days earlier the band walked of stage in Brussels after two songs. Billie Corgan had a throat infection and wasn't able to sing anymore. So one of the two remaining U.K. dates was off and the continuation of Utrecht was very unsure. But he kept his voice and decided to do the last gig of the pre-release 'Machina - the machines of god' tour. (release February 28th).

Baji 1963

A hit Pakistani musical starring Nayyar Sultana in the title role.